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MYTH: Taxes should not be greater for polluting large accident rate industries.

TRUTH: Money or tax penalties for dangerous industries and businesses are necessary to motivate them to become less polluting and less dangerous in the future and they need not have insurance coverage if the government gets a higher tax and can afford to pay for the dangerous health hazards to the public which cause illness and injury. Extra government tax revenue from these dangerous industries and businesses can pay insurance claims and medical bills without a middle man which are the insurance companies.

The truth is that businesses can only be controlled with taxes and laws which control safety standards and include the pollution levels of toxic chemicals.  Polluting and very unsafe businesses should be most taxed and in the future national and international monopolies should also be greatly taxed. Unsafe businesses cause many injured workers existing as unemployed and destitute so they should either be mandatorily insured or should pay greater taxes which are proportional to their accident rates and not be insured by a private insurance company.

All employed individuals should be taxed and there should be a national sales tax on goods to decrease consumption and to help the growing numbers of unemployed and destitute citizens.

Nontoxically polluting and nonmonopoly businesses should not be taxed but should be motivated to compete with each other for monopoly rank.

Conglomerates should be taxed if some of their subsidiary businesses are polluters or if some of them are monopolies.  This will motivate conglomerates to exclude toxically polluting and monopoly businesses and it will simplify government tax forms because there will be independence between taxed and nontaxed businesses and percentage rate calculations of the taxed and the nontaxed business enterprises will not have to be made. Conglomerates would not be tempted to commingle funds to help an unprofitable polluting business subset.

Taxation of corporations will exist simplified since there will exist independence between toxically polluting businesses and monopoly businesses and the most desirable organically or biodegradable polluting and stable material recyclable polluting nonmonopoly businesses which should not be taxed at all.  eg.

certified organic restaurants would not be taxed and

certified organic farmers would not be taxed and

certified organic flower and plant growers would not be taxed and

certified organic domestic animal producers using organic food to feed the animals would not be taxed and

certified wholesalers of organic food would not be taxed and

landscapers using organically grown plants and lawnmower humans would not be taxed even if they mow chemically treated lawns and plants and

vehicle rental companies would not be taxed and

car dealerships and vehicle repair shops would not be taxed as long as they recycled their toxic waste products or put them in nonpolluting containers and

repair people and repair companies for homes would not be taxed and

wholesalers and retailers of building and car supply businesses would not be taxed.

Primary manufacturers of materials for vehicle parts or house parts from raw materials which cause polluting byproducts in the air and/or land and/or water would be taxed. (containerization and nonpolluting storage of most of the toxic pollutants but not including carbon dioxide which is a natural environmental gas used by plants could be containerized for at least 200 years and could qualify for a large tax decrease)

What constitutes a monopoly?  An absolute monopoly with 100% control of the market is very rare and unusual so perhaps about 95% control of the market for goods or services should be a standard used to label a business a monopoly.

Also price fixing is possible through collusion by more than one company so a difference in wholesale price of 5% or less can be considered monopoly pricing policy by two or more companies.

Gasoline wholesale prices may not vary more than by 5% so most gasoline companies can be labeled monopoly companies and can be taxed.  The real reason oil companies should be taxed is that oil refineries pollute the environment with toxic chemicals and this is the primary reason why they should be paying taxes.

The truth is that monopoly businesses in the future should mean less choice in the variety of products on the market.

Small companies on the internet will always offer specialty products not existing locally.  Even when art and craft products should severely decrease in popularity there will always be some who will continue to pursue classic art and craft skills and try to sell the archaic products on the internet and other places.

Nuclear and coal power could be used to efficiently power electric vehicles when the supply of gasoline decreases but nuclear and coal power will end at some point in the future and a switch to   renewable sources of energy is a predictive reality.

The only renewable source of energy which is worth pursuing intensely is solar power.

Switching only to natural gas is insanity and very inefficient for the long duration because natural gas is not dense enough and is even rarer than gasoline in the earth’s crust. Temporary switching to natural gas for trucks is not cost effective in the long duration and gas heating of homes in the short duration is a good means to use this nonrenewable relatively scarce resource.

The energy business is the most important business because how we use energy and in what form we use it determines how efficient a society is with energy.  The more efficient the energy use with renewable forms of energy is the more just the society can be.  A just society also means that the energy is used primarily for useful survival based behavior and not the pursuit of trivial behavior.

Businesses should continue to centralize in huge megastores such as WalMart and Costco and Sam’s Club with one stop shopping for everything concept.  Instead of commuting to many buying centers only a few buying centers should exist for suburban areas which survive the necessary movement towards urbanization.

Fewer workers should be necessary because of standardized parts and the fact that modern scanning machines and robotized stocking machines and automated credit verification techniques will soon replace cashiers and most goods stacking workers.

Food businesses with fresh perishable organic produce should be desired by the urban health conscious and there should always be a choice of new foods and new food crazes which one can follow which are imported from many areas of the world.  Some supermarkets are slow in providing much organic produce so specialty supermarkets and organic food franchises may have to compete to accelerate the movement towards certified organic farming produce.

Service stations should continue to carry large volume food and drinks and dry goods in the transitional period.  The only subsets of small towns should be robotized service stations within the country which will service the largely national traffic which should still exist in every region of the country.

Businesses in small towns should go bankrupt as more and more humans move into larger urban areas where commuting is more economical.   The truth is that service stations in the future can be automated and there should be no need for many humans to live in the middle of the country.  Only robots will service these service stations on a regular basis.

The internet should be the source of most rare or specialty goods and only frequently used standardized goods should be available in local stores and local service stations.

The truth is that businesses should be given government tax incentives to move to primary urban centers along the coast of the southern states where there is adequate water.

Snow free living can be the most economical lifestyle in the long duration.  The truth is that monopoly businesses will standardize goods and an unnecessary excess supply of varied goods could be reduced to an efficient minimum.

With an ever increasing number of unemployed and destitute citizens and a severe decrease in bodily tourism it makes sense that vacant hotels and motels can be temporarily purchased by the government and used as residences for the vast numbers of unemployed and destitute citizens in the transitional phase to primarily urban communal living.



 MYTH: Clothing must be colorful and varied to express individual artistic taste.

TRUTH: Clothing is optional and walking around naked in your private homes is the only clothing that you need-HUMAN SKIN. When you go outdoors in the winter you need one color warm clothing from natural fibers not changed by artificial poisonous polluting dyes. In the summertime walk around naked and only use sunscreen if you are out in the sun too long. THAT IS ALL THE CLOTHING THAT YOU NEED!!!

The truth is that people a hundred years from now could theoretically be walking around naked only wearing natural skin with sunscreen when the weather permits.  The process of changing the world back to nudism how nature intended the world to be will take a very long time and for some it will feel like forever.

Nudism can exist in gated communities and soon it could become the latest craze or high fashion to travel to and from public places naked.  Private places can still have the option of demanding that clothing be worn but soon I would like to predict that people will no longer be arrested for streaking through this world and it will not be something to laugh at and ridicule. Let it all hang out!  Are you brave and courageous enough? I doubt it.   It is nice to dream about utopias once in a while but men with small penises and women with small breasts will always rebel against such a natural concept.

There is nothing more beautiful and natural than good skin and a natural human body.  Clothes should only be worn out of natural environmental necessity.  Clothing is also worn to cover up human blemishes or imperfections in the skin of the body which are a social embarrassment.  We are striving here for human perfection and that means an even tone of skin without warts or blemishes over the entire body is the preferred appearance and how Mother Nature preferred it in the distant past.

Being excessively overweight and nude is not a pretty sight so once again clothing is used to hide and prolong a human imperfection.

Jewelry is also worn for two basic purposes- to cover up imperfections which are frequently the natural results of aging and to impress other social acquaintances that one is wealthy and therefore one should ignore ones decreased natural beauty.

Just think what a horror it would be if an offspring was born with jewelry and pierced noses and pierced lips and pierced navels and covered with Swarovski crystals on the body in asymmetric shapes.  Each mother would cry out- please no!  How could my newborn be so deformed and ugly?

When making love try stroking a beautiful face only to be almost cut by sharp earrings.  Earrings are just as unnatural and they should not appear on the bodies of babies or on the bodies of beautiful and not so beautiful adult women.  Trash that crappy jewelry as fast as you can or sell it on Ebay to the gullible sucker who comes down the international pike. Happy selling my smart attractive people of the world!

Clothing should be symmetric with symmetric pockets and basic monotone colors.   My recommendation is to use the colors of the natural spectrum but you may add colors such as fuschia which is my personal biased favorite monotone.  Symmetrical clothing should simulate the natural symmetry of the human body which should be perfectly symmetrical.  Tops and bottoms should be of the same color.

Natural no press cotton can be the primary material of choice but in the short duration chemical imitations can still be used since we haven’t used up chemicals yet.  For exotic climates such as the north and south pole and for space clothes superior synthetics should still be manufactured and used.

The truth is that clothing should imitate the beauty of natural skin and the symmetry of the natural body.   Natural animal skin prints and pictures from nature are also acceptable variations from monotone colors.  Almost all asymmetric designs and color combinations should be avoided as much as possible since they can’t be considered to be naturally beautiful.

I applaud anyone who has the courage to wear pajamas with two or more pockets in public and in the workplace.  What a joy that kind of clothing is to wear 24/7.  One color imitates the one tone natural skin so it looks good and is comfortable day and night with no change of clothes needed.  Less clothes to wash and dry and sort.  It is an example of optimally efficient utilitarian clothing.  Rank conscious people will still want to modify the pajamas with floral designs and crystals and jewelry and unusual hairstyles and tattoo patterns and artistic cars and artistic motorcycles and etc. and they should have the right to do so if they want to pollute their life with mutant artistic creations which would never survive in the wilderness.

The truth is that clothing choices are very subjective in nature and there is a heavy desire to dress differently from everyone else so it is highly improbable that my personal biases about clothing will dominate in the near future.

Smell is the best sense to inform us whether something stinks or not. Smell your socks the next day.  Do they smell bad?  If they don’t smell bad then wear them again and again.  If you are leading a sedentary life and not sweating a lot your clothes are not dirty until they begin to smell bad.

Maybe you can invent Velcro like arm pit pads that are removable on a daily basis and are still comfortable to wear. I personally like a muscle shirt with no armpits but not too many people have the nerve to wear them in public. This way you would not have to wash your T-shirt or shirt every day if you sweat a lot.

Of course you can check for stains on a daily basis so that your clothes are esthetically pleasing if you wish but smell free and stain free is the definition of clean clothes.  They don’t smell bad!  Think of all the detergent that we will be saving and all the washer dryer energy and money.

I told you the truth was worth every penny and the truth doesn’t lie!  ALSO you can dress yourself in almost partial darkness with the light of a digital alarm clock.  Blind people dress themselves by feeling and putting their clothes on in the dark so why can’t you do the same?  What is the rush? You have plenty of time.

You can also groom in the dark with minimal lighting especially if you are a male and have short hair that you comb backwards on your head or a crew cut is even better which needs almost no combing at all.

You can learn to walk around your house in the dark with less than candlelight lighting and not trip on hazardous junk on the floor if you don’t have it in the first place lying on the floor.  Keep the house junk free and you can navigate at a pretty good clip once you habituate yourself to your environment.  Think of the money and energy we could all be saving if we did this together as one world society dedicated to efficient energy use.

Time is not money at home and doing things a little slower can be a large payoff in the home budget.  ENERGY IS MONEY!!!!!  Score another point for TRUTH!!!! Energy can be converted into matter so matter is also energy. E=MC2

If you don’t want smelly socks you will have to wear shoes in which you don’t sweat in a lot and sneakers are not sweat free.

You need a material which breathes as much as possible. Try sandals but I’m sure technology will come up with a material that lets the shoe breath or permits water vapor to escape easily. Ideally it would be a slip on shoe with a sole that is very flexible and rather thick so it will last a long time and be durable.

That is my challenge to you. Come up with that kind of shoe which can be used most of the time but not 100% of the time. For speedy activity you will need a tougher sole and leather so that it doesn’t warp during heavy running and a sneaker may approximate the performance you need for agile running and playing cotennis.

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MYTH: A daily standardized repetitive schedule of exercise is necessary for good health.

TRUTH: Young children get enough exercise by moving around all day and they don’t have to run to stay healthy. Teenagers don’t need daily exercise if they move during the day and they don’t have to run. We no longer need to hunt and chase wild animals so running should be necessary in the near future. The best kind of exercise would be to have teenagers work for about 4 hours a day in a safe job in the real world at less than minimum wage. They will get plenty of exercise on the job especially in a fast food outlet or urban farming and don’t need to participate in an exercise routine on a daily basis.

The truth is that one 15 minute open source exercise video can be used to teach basic body conditioning routines for humans who are not athletes.

An exercise routine does not need artificial workout aids such as resistance machines since exercising the body without help from mechanical devices is the most natural and best exercising.  Few people get a kick out of going to gyms and that is their right but the majority of people don’t have to formalize their exercise routine and can do just as well with their own private exercising routines at home. Selfmotivation is essential but this can be indoctrinated in elementary school and by parents who promote selfexercise by example.

One room in the house or a six by six foot free space in a room can be an exercise room where natural human exercise movements can be done without the aid of most artificial devices which build up the body in unnatural ways.  Such movements as pushups and/or squat thrusts and/or sit ups and/or deep knee bends and/or running in place and/or spinning in place and/or jumping jacks and/or jumping up and down instead of jumping rope which limits the degrees of freedom that your hands can exercise during the jumping and/or chin ups and/or an assortment of aerobic moves and/or weaponless martial arts moves should be popular forever.

When doing jumping jacks or jumping up and down don’t stay in one place but move around the room even spinning around while doing them and flex your knees a little and move in many patterns over the floor. Feel free to jump to different heights while doing jumping jacks and make it a nonboring real blast of a cardio workout. Also during the jumping jacks feel free to bend at the waist and twist the torso too and flail the hands around at the joints and bend the elbows. Be a wild and crazy gal or guy and enjoy yourself. That is true utilitarian personal creativity which is so rare in society!!!

Climbing trees is the best way to exercise the body in a natural way but this can be  hazardous and unnecessary to build good body coordination and fitness.

The truth is that nonathletes can exercise thoroughly at home or playing cotennis so there should be no physical education in Public Schools for all students.  Cotennis is covered in this book and is a form of agility training which is one of the best exercises in the world to develop all round health for the whole family.

Team sports are highly overrated as a form of exercise for individuals since most people do not have the luxury of gathering enough team players for two teams when they need or want to exercise.  Exercise is most practical when it can be done alone.  Team sports mostly glorify the athletically talented while most of the other players feel like losers or very incompetent.

Why should most of the student population go through feelings of athletic inadequacy playing team sports when they can be taught to successfully exceed personal fitness goals by gradual improvement and feel that they are truly making personal bodily fitness progress.  I can now do 100 jumping jacks instead of 50 is an objective desirable increase in physical fitness which achieves a sense of real individualized accomplishment which no relatively rare team goal scoring can achieve.

If you are an affluent teenager and have a tennis court available then do some agility exercise by playing cotennis with a family member and/or friend and/or partner.

Adults get enough exercise on the job unless they have sedentary jobs at a desk or computer. Here the recommendation is a speedy walk for about 20 minutes about three times a week. If you skip a week or a month without exercise it will not damage your health if you resume the speedy walking after the long duration. Some people are so healthy that they can go for years without any exercise regime because their lives are active enough with (caring for children and/or doing housework) and/or (shopping and/or visiting friends) and/or (going to public events and/or gardening) and/or etc.

Older people have to exercise their joints moderately if they sit around much during the day and do not walk but mostly sit all day and don’t depart the house for a leisurely walk once in a while. The muscles connecting the joints get stiff if not exercised and begin to atrophy which is a natural result of aging and the body can’t stay in shape without or with minimum movement.

If you begin to feel stiff in old age begin to moderately exercise those stiff joint muscles until the stiffness goes away.  If the stiffness does not go away with exercise then you are really getting old and you should exercise the stiff joint muscles every day to delay the beginning of even greater stiffness.

In old age we will all eventually be chair ridden or bedridden but even then you should not stop exercising the stiff joint muscles which you have so you will still be able to move around in the chair or bed to stay in the best shape possible.

When you are old the best form of exercise is utilitarian exercise. Do the dishes by hand and clean the floors and do the laundry by hand and try growing organic food in your garden if you have one to eat when the food is harvested. Stay as active as you can but don’t devote your time to trivial behaviors which are pointless and waste your time and energy and probably much money if it is an expensive hobby or pastime.

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MYTH: Artistic expression is a worthwhile pastime.

TRUTH: Nature in its wildest form has no place for art and artistic expression does not survive in the wilderness but is torn apart and consumed or recycled. Almost all artistic expression should cease and be recycled into a purposeful existence which is drinking healthily, eating healthily, being sheltered efficiently with minimum energy consumption, and EFFICIENTLY communicating over the internet with friends all over the world in a language found in SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS. Food should be the primary conversation of interest to all and should be discussed and exchanged worldwide. THE MUTANT BEAST DEVOURING THE EARTH IS ART AND ART IS DEAD!!! LONG LIVE HUMANITY AND WILDERNESS ANIMALS!!! I AM THE SIGN OF THE BEAST DEVOURING MUTANT ART!!!

Artificial plastic surgery is a testament to the fact that many of us fall short of the idealized beauty standards for men and especially women.  Most of us living a real life are just destined to marry someone who is less than perfect in the physical beauty department.  Fortunately there is a tradeoff that comes into play when physical beauty is bypassed.   Women who prefer to be natural and have brains and a pleasant personality are a pleasure to marry but material girls with beauty but no brains are destined for divorce court once the beauty fades and their true shallow personalities take over.

Similarly a handsome man is often not as good a provider for the family as a more common looking fellow.

The primary focus of beauty after the face is breasts in women.  Large breasts are simply more noticeable so they catch the male eye more frequently than smaller ones.  Realistically breasts should be large enough to feed one or two infants and a size greater than a C cup becomes burdensome to the owner because of the extra weight.  Large breasts also greatly increase the probability that men will treat you more as a sex object to be hit upon and not be as concerned about your personality.

Penile size just increases the likelihood that a man will not be faithful to just one woman since many of them may consider themselves to be ladies men designed to please women.

There are asymmetrical breasts and noses which can be considered to be a little ugly because symmetry should be the idealized norm.  Yes, right hands are often longer or stronger and more muscular but this is only because we so foolishly emphasize that the right hand should be used in most cases.  The truth is that both hands should be used to speed up everything by almost a factor of two.

I had an asymmetrical nose tip which I thought was ugly so I got a nose job.  It may have landed me a better job or wife so I don’t regret having done so.  Yes, plastic surgery is OK but don’t become an addicted fool which can lead to looking like a freak of nature.

What pictures are truly beautiful?  In the new audio visual world, stationary pictures should increasingly fade in importance. Any new artwork should be moving digital pictures of majestic predators and other wildlife superimposed on majestic landscapes and hung in prominent places so that all can be inspired by the wonders of nature when they glance at a mural or picture. A collage of natural animals and plants superimposed on majestic landscapes can be the new standard for static mural excellence.

Most stationary artwork is so dull and uninteresting in comparison to nature themes that it should QUICKLY become obsolete as a form of human expression.

Paintings should no longer be a good investment for the future unless they are super good imitations of nature such as Delacroix’s “Men on a Raft”.  Almost all the artwork that should survive and be admired is very close imitations of reality which can truly be called artistic human talent.

Impressionist and other abstract paintings which are mutant replicas of nature should die a natural death through lack of interest and funding.

Some monsters and mythical beasts are eye catchers and can be awe inspiring unnatural creations.    Stationary pictures of them have a place on the wall but it is far better to view them in audio visual video games.  However, one should realize that these images are mutant forms of nature and should not be idolized or worshipped but are rather images to be feared and avoided as much as possible.

Any ancient realistic painting masterpiece can be preserved digitally and can inspire anyone in the world who has a computer monitor.  With modern day digital big screen technology, there should be no reason why people can’t show painting masterpieces on a big digital screen and change the masterpiece on a daily basis.  Once the masterpiece is digitalized, there should be no fear of theft from criminals and original masterpieces should not be as highly prized as they still are today.

The truth is that true beauty originates from or imitates nature and man made creations which stray too far from nature are often as grotesque as most natural mutants and just as dysfunctional!!!

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The truth is that we can use human mother’s milk from all lactating women who are eating and drinking healthily and not using drugs.

There should be a new private and/or state run industry that milks certified mothers daily door to door and transports the freshly collected milk in refrigerated trucks where it is also bottled, dated for expiration, and delivered to supermarkets or health food stores as soon as possible.

Mother’s milk should no longer be homogenized or pasteurized for the wealthiest of the employed.  Who needs all that inefficient often unhealthy overly processed food variety to stay healthy? Not everyone.

The ancient Chinese emperor’s children used to drink mother’s milk up to about the age of thirteen to stay healthy so why can’t we extend that to an entire lifetime for some dedicated fanatics.  The name of the milk should not be Emperor’s milk or some status symbolic brand name but it should have its source or origin labeled.

You should be able to get mother’s milk from recently unemployed lactating mothers or those that have been unemployed for a lifetime and are lactating.  There can even be mother’s milk from working mothers on an organic diet and this should have a premium price on it that only the very affluent will be able to afford.

Natural unprocessed mother’s milk is one food that is complete and on which you can survive for months if not years without taking in other varieties of food.  One food diet fads are dangerous unless it is a diet on whole raw mother’s milk only!  Believe it or not!



MYTH: Food should be processed.

TRUTH: Eating food as close to its natural state as possible is the healthiest way to eat.

These are the foods that have the most nutrients in them and you get more bang per buck in a healthy meal if you consume five or more of them at a time. Not only will you get the most nutrition out of the foods but you will need to consume rather small quantities of them to feel satiated and not hungry.  Don’t be afraid of the high fat content because fat is good for your system if consumed in moderation. Babies are sedentary creatures and the high fat content of milk doesn’t hurt them and they won’t hurt you either!!!

It is the biggest myth and biggest food lie that eating unprocessed fatty foods will make you fat.  If you are genetically predisposed to be fat you will be fat no matter what you eat unless you starve your metabolic system.  Fats are harder to digest and are less a cause of obesity than processed foods containing carbohydrates which are notorious for adding weight to your body because their calories are so easily absorbed by the intestines and readily converted to fat cells in the body.

Organic food is the best food because it should be grown with no pesticides and with only the use of natural fertilizers. Organic meat should be grown without growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed. Patronize certified organic food if you can afford it and if you can’t at least buy organic food once in a while or once a month. Organic meat is an extreme luxury but don’t stress yourself out if you are not eating any at all since eating non organic meat two times a week will not kill you or damage your health in any significant way.  Examples of nutrient rich foods follow:

RAW ORGANIC MILK OR PLAIN ORGANIC YOGURT (of course you may have to compromise with pasturized organic whole milk in the short run because raw organic milk is a luxury).  Organic cheese is also a nutrient rich food but it is processed milk food so consume it in moderation and avoid the cheeses that are heavily salted.









A little known fact is that eating fruits and vegetables is not the best way to get the most nutritious foods. The vegan diet is over hyped food with relatively little nutrient rich value except that the food is not so fatty.  The best way to stay fit and trim is to eat fatty meat foods also but less of them or not so frequently because they fill you up faster so you have to eat less food volume. Most vegans are paranoid about the growth hormones and antibiotics used in growing meat and from a natural purists point of view it is a valid concern. However, they can substitute fish for meat and still get an organic nutrient rich protein source.

A wholesome meal at any time of day is slightly boiled farina and oatmeal and buckwheat mixed with eggs, nuts and seeds, beans, diced meat and fish, and berries such as blueberries or grapes.  Note, the more ingredients that the mix has the better it is for you nutritiously. A lot of variety is the key to a good meal and the more unprocessed foods that you add the better it is for you.  Don’t worry about the ingredients not tasting good because if you mix a good tasting food with a good tasting food you will get a good tasting meal and any food goes well with another. Of course adding lemon juice to milk is not a good idea because it will curdle the milk but it will not harm you in any way either even if you do.

Note that water presoaking the buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and beans means that the grains do not have to be boiled very long but in fact can be brought to a boil for about a few minutes, the heat can be then turned off and the other varied ingredients added, especially raw milk (of course pasturized milk will have to do for the short run), without having to boil the added raw ingredients at all.  The food can then be eaten at body temperature which is the ideal temperature for a full flavor experience.

Any diced raw vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and seaweed (roasted seaweed is a little pricey but the flavor is outstanding) can be added to the meal for interesting texture variations and taste sensations during the meal.  Diced meat, especially medium rare or rare steak (even fish), can also be successfully added to the almost everything meal. Mix everything together for an outrageously nutritious and good tasting well balanced meal. The only thing you will have to overcome is the natural fear of being poisoned by the new food preparation which is just an emotional hang-up. Believe it or not!!!



The truth is that gynecologists should no longer be needed in such great numbers because they should not be performing so many unnecessary cesarians.  If a child birth is natural and the child suffers brain damage due to a lack of oxygen, the child dies if the parents do not want to support a brain dead or mentally impaired child.  Of course, if the parent requests a cesarian voluntarily then the procedure may still be performed.  No gynecologist should be sued because the parent wanted natural childbirth which resulted in an oxygen deprived grossly mentally defective child.  Natural childbirth should be promoted as much as possible unless the life of the mother is threatened.

Natural childbirth at home should be greatly encouraged, especially if the mother has already conceived a first child naturally and successfully without the aid of pain killing drugs or epidurals which is medical malpractice!!!

Abortions should be permitted up until about the trimester of pregnancy.  An unwanted child, a child with a debilitating disease, or one due to a rape is far greater a crime than the homicide of a relatively young fetus.

If the population of the world drops to less than a million people, which is highly improbable, abortion may once again be considered to be a crime not to be committed under any circumstances.

Adoptions should be encouraged for women who do not want a pregnancy but the ultimate choice to abort a pregnancy should still be the responsibility of the pregnant woman.

Premature births that can’t survive on their own should be discouraged but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents to decide if they want to put the premature births on life support technology or let the child have a natural death.

MYTH: All life is precious and should be saved.

TRUTH: Unborn child fetuses which are suffering from debilitating illness are not precious and should not be saved because they are an unacceptable burden on the financial lives of parents and ultimately society which should not be asked to assume financial responsibility for a debilitating child which should have been aborted by the woman upon realizing that the child was so greatly handicapped. Raising the child of a criminal man after being a rape victim is an immoral burden to be assuming.

Being the victim of a crime should not force you to raise a child not conceived from your husband.  It would also cause him great financial harm and emotional misery for the rest of his life. A husband should not be punished financially or emotionally for the crime of a stranger. It is immoral to do so. You are stealing his money and his emotional wellbeing!!! The same applies to the raped wife or single woman who also is forced to live a life of financial ruin and emotional guilt for the rest of her life.

Aborting the life of a healthy child, hopefully when menstruation stops and the wife realizes she is pregnant is just behavior. Not doing so could cause tremendous financial and emotional burdens on the couple at the wrong time. The unwanted child would be unintentionally fraudulently stealing the finances and emotional wellbeing of the couple upon birth and this is an immoral act on the part of the child.

Of course a healthy child could be put up for adoption after birth but considering the overpopulation of the world, it is not a just thing to be doing. However, religious organizations should have a right to adopt these children into a member religious couple, even from another religion if they chose to do so. However, the financial burden or support of the child would become the responsibility of the religious organization if the couple became divorced or impoverished and there would not be enough money to support the child.

Religious organizations should have the right to support debilitated children financially according to their outdated immoral religious code. If they chose to do so their organization will sooner or later go bankrupt supporting debilitated children and it will be a just death of the organization. The surviving debilitated children will not be supported by the government but will be put to death and murdered if that is the word you would like to use. I would prefer to say that you justly put the child out of its misery. Even absolute morals have exceptions to the rule in society.

You can murder under very special rare circumstances and I have shown you one exception which I would highly recommend even though you may disagree and want to voluntarily take on the financial burden of the debilitated child yourself. Good luck with that illogical behavior!!!

Future adoptions should only be permitted by religious organizations amongst their members who will then bear the financial burden if the couple self-destructs financially during the course of their lives. If religious organizations are forced financially to support their immoral flock and immoral behaviors they will quickly become bankrupt because the bottom money line will destroy them. They will not be operating at a profit and will die a financial death. Nature will thank you if that happens and the sooner the better!!!