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The truth is that all history should be obsolete.  We have here a new beginning and we don’t have to remember many irrelevant historical facts such as dates and past events anymore.  History is boring and dangerous to the modern mind because it has the repetitive theme of generals, emperors, tyrants, kings, and queens fighting each other over territory over and over again with the same uncreative results.  Someone always wins and someone always loses.  History is descriptions of good and bad people struggling and fighting to survive in a world filled with human myths and prejudices about people and things. Who gives a shit about all that? I don’t and neither should you!!!

The only use that history has is to remind us that environmental disaster results in the destruction of civilizations.  We should be constantly reminded that destroying nature, the foundation upon which mankind depends, can only lead to the eventual destruction of any civilizations which cease to live in harmony with nature.

The history of scientific discoveries and the historical codification of political freedoms can be mentioned to remind people that progress in freeing mankind from slavery and brutal work has been an incremental process.  If we are not politically vigilant we can descend once again into tyrannical slavery and subsistence survival which is still present in some form in many third world countries.

Constitutions should be taught and made better with the passage of time.  Criminal law should also be taught so that citizens know what is legal and what is considered illegal and the laws should be updated to more just ones without government pandering to special interests which should be left to die or survive on their own.

A cashless society is way overdue and the sooner we eliminate cash the less illegal activity we will have to combat in the future.  My evergreen books NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and JUSTICE cover in detail the constitutional updates that should be made and what should be considered a criminal act.

There is a saying that if you don’t learn about history you are doomed to repeat it.  Well we are repeating history by ravaging the wilderness and farming in polluting wasteful ways all over the world at an accelerating pace.  Western and Eastern civilizations, the way that they are currently progressing, are doomed in the long run because historically they have only learned to destroy nature and they are doing so at an accelerating pace with the aid of technology today.  Learn the most important thing about history and don’t repeat it- Stop destroying nature!!!

More important:  Expand nature wherever it is possible and do so as fast as possible!  Reverse the destruction of nature by regenerating wilderness areas as soon as possible!  Almost everyone should be moving back to large urban centers primarily located in snow free coastal areas.

International terrorism is a foe against which we will have to fight into the distant future but the means for doing so will depend much more on an efficient international intelligence gathering network and a Special Forces combat arm which can eliminate the enemy leadership with surgical precision.

The truth is that very little of history is worth knowing unless it deals with the destruction of biodiversity, scientific progress, or the constant struggle against tyrannies of all forms.

MYTH: History has something to teach us.

TRUTH: History is mostly stored myths about the past written in illogical language and filled with unnecessary verbosity. We need a new beginning and the first step is to ignore all history as being dangerous to the health of future human civilization and biodiversity.  Historical language is what is most dangerous to the future survival on this precious earth. We don’t need historical garbage cluttering up modern lives.