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Humanity since the beginning of time has struggled to survive on the face of this earth threatened by starvation, disease, and predators including humans themselves. They have banded together in ever larger groups hoping that mere numbers would be a greater guarantee of survival. They had a leader of the tribe who pretty much ran the little social life there was and the hunting parties. The dominant male was in charge and on his hunting prowess and his leadership of others determined the survival of the tribe. Then aural language gradually developed and made communication more efficient than sign language and humanity became better hunters and the tribes grew in size.

Better and better tools for hunting developed and soon humans became migratory tribes not limited to one hunting ground because each was soon exhausted with too much overhunting and foraging and increased tribe size.

Then agriculture was invented and the food supply became more predictable and the tribes grew larger in size but crop rotation and fertilizing was not invented so the land was soon exhausted of nutrients and the tribe had to migrate to new land locations. The division of labor soon developed and the women mostly farmed and the men went off to hunt and did some planting and harvesting too.  Migration into new land sometimes meant that there were other tribes there and fighting developed for ownership of the land or property.

Then written language was invented and a priestly class developed to record history and pass on historical information to the leadership of the new generation. Many myths about how the world punished and rewarded behavior had been developed and ruling people became codified from generation to generation. Soon emphasis was placed not only on physical prowess but also on intellectual skill which the priests had a monopoly on.

The male military leader was in charge of fighting for new land or property and once having conquered a tribe not all of them were killed but some became slaves to farm the land and do other skilled work which gave the ruling class more leisure time to plan their next assaults. Many invented goods could be traded without war between tribes. Money was invented along with basic counting math to keep track of the money and goods and was traded between aligned agricultural communities which pretty much independently ruled themselves. Writing was invented to communicate physical and mythical knowledge between tribes and eventually nations.

The physical reality of one ruler over a tribe or group of tribes was codified into the creation of the idea of monotheism which ruled the spiritual world just like the one ruler ruled the physical world. Polytheism or the rule by many spirits was unified into the rule of the whole world by one spirit called god-omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Religious writings were jealously guarded and protected by the priestly class who gave advice to the ruling class on how to proceed with their conquests and made predictions about the outcome of their behaviors, hopes, and fears. The people were taught to believe in a world where you were rewarded or punished based upon whether you lived according to the rules set down by god in the physical world as well as the spiritual world or afterlife. People have always been ruled by their personal physical experiences and by the beliefs which they have been indoctrinated with. Language has become the TOOL to rule human minds as well as their physical behavior and it is doing a very poor job of it.

The emotions of fear, hate and love of physical objects and mythical ideas or beliefs have plagued human civilization since its inception and it is no wonder that rulers of the past and today’s politicians rule the masses with an appeal to their emotions and not important physical facts or realities. Archaic historical language has an emotional overload of words which evoke intense feelings and doom most people to live lives of emotional stress with ignorance of real vital facts which would make their lives more enjoyable and fruitful.

I have written SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS to start to help to tame the largely emotionally driven mind of humanity, to tame it and make it function efficiently in a more logical and physically realistic way so that most of future humanity does not have to wallow in a sea of emotional turmoil and stupidity filled with trivial pursuit activities which are leading to a world inevitably filled with starvation, disease, and predatory human organizations that glorify money and not JUST (as in justice) human interactions among people and nations.

Technology and science without a moral code, such as the immorality of lying about statistical outcomes in clinical drug trials with people or animals, and secular people without a strong morality engaging in mostly trivial pursuits and predatory pursuits governed mainly by a desire for more fast profits or wealth are going to doom the world in the long run if we radically don’t change our narcissistic preoccupation with humanity and its trivial highly polluting behaviors that don’t save biodiversity but destroy it.

Kill off biodiversity with technology and science and you will starve, be disease ridden, and have no hope for a healthy survival on the face of this endangered precious earth. Our world tribe has no other property or place to migrate to when the land and water is polluted and biodiversity destroyed.

A valueless relativistic secular philosophy, without a moral code, largely guided by an emphasis on the over consumption of natural resources is going to doom civilization as we have come to know it. Wake up humanity before it is too late and change your destructive habits of feeling too much, thinking too little, and behaving too impulsively as soon as possible! If you don’t follow the advice in my 22 books and apply it to your lives real soon FUTURE GENERATIONS will perish in your own crap of false beliefs, false thinking, and wrong behaviors.

You need radical political, social, and economic updating without a minute to lose. So spread the faith of truth and universal human morality ( except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder ) and apply it to your life and the lives of every person on this earth as soon as possible!

Dare to lead wisely and speak the real hidden truths not only privately and secretly but in public and on the internet! Spreading the truth and behaving in truthful ways worldwide is our only means of long term salvation of world civilization from ultimate premature death!!! My evergreen book COMMON SENSE to be published in December will greatly help you to separate fact from fiction. It is an update of my book HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD: HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD; THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!