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lionesses nuzzling [www.imagesplitter.net]

The truth is that most serious dating should be done over the internet and we should stop wasting our time, energy and money going to social bars and other mindless social gatherings where the primary purpose is to meet people for social reasons.

Almost all dating could be over the internet both locally and internationally.  You should be able to fill out a questionnaire and then based upon your hopefully truthful answers, especially the correct answer as to what job you have, you can be given phone numbers to call or emails to write to.

The communication can be over an audio internet connection where you can quickly determine through a spontaneous verbal exchange whether the right vibes are there or not and whether there is sufficient hope left to continue and turn it into the beginning of a new relationship.  It’s very hard to hide a dysfunctional personality orally with impromptu questions as to what are your likes and dislikes and what are your favorite and not so favorite things.

Most important of all is a question which will be answered by the dating service.  What is your job?  If you have no job or if it is a poor one then you should just be classified as a “good time” date and not anyone ready to get serious with.

Dating services should be based on money and the more exclusive ones should charge an arm and a leg to get on their client list.  Yes, a great way to classify people is monetarily and professionally based on jobs which is as it should realistically be.  If you are smart and rich and have a good job then you should have an exclusive data base to choose from where other rich and smart people with good jobs can be contacted.  If you try to fake your wealth or your job, you will quickly be found out and blacklisted from any future interactions with an elite working class.

There should be fewer status symbols in the new future world but the biggest status symbol should be that you are employed with a good paying job!

Pretty soon DNA hair testing will also be able to tell how healthy your potential spouse and baby will be so hiding these important facts will become even harder for future dates who may choose to deceive. Health is more important than beauty or handsomeness so not only will your true personality surface with time but your potential future health will be uncovered rather quickly. Pretty soon only you will be to blame if you choose the wrong spouse and child or children with health problems or a spouse with a dysfunctional personality.

Social etiquette should be taught but one should realize that private social etiquette between close friends and relatives is very different from general social etiquette which can be applied to strangers.  Good social or public etiquette is vital when dealing with strangers but private etiquette is the most important because it develops better bonds between close friends and family.

Love is supposedly the magic glue that keeps people together.  Wrong!!! Caring about another person and other characteristics such as honesty, loyalty and commitment are far more important in lasting relationships.

Love is an intense pleasure for anything that you care about and intense feelings are usually associated with an infatuation and sexual orgasm which are not good criteria to primarily base a lifelong relationship on.  Too much emphasis on sex, especially premarital sex, is resulting in an inability to be faithful in marriage for a lifetime.  This may not be such a bad result because single adults usually have fewer children and this means less overpopulation.  However, family instability is also the result and many children are growing up with poor discipline in single parent households which often don’t have good male role models.

Read my evergreen book LOVEALL and it will open your mind and should lead to more successful relationships with the opposite sex.