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MYTH: Theoretical physics is a useful tool to explain particles smaller than a photon or how the universe does work.

TRUTH: The brainpower of theoretical physics should be used in applied physics and we should stop wasting time, energy, and money dreaming about theoretical physics concepts.

The only reason that the big bang theory was invented because it seemed to fit the red shift of distant galaxies and it offered a dynamic view of the universe and not a rather constant and homogeneous one.  Another inherent bias in mathematics is the never ending preoccupation with something starting from zero and ending in infinity and the big bang tried to mimic this mathematical ideology that there must be a beginning and an end to everything. Sudden creation is an unproven hypothesis that will never be proved in the laboratory so physicists should stop theorizing about it and should go back to real productive work and not dreaming with the aid of computers  or a piece of paper.

The red shift reason for the expansion of the universe only applies if we assume that the earth is the center of the universe and this myth has been disproven long ago.  The earth is not the center of the universe! All galaxies have a red shift so that means that all galaxies are moving away from the earth at different velocities, what bullshit.  All the galaxies are not moving away from the earth! There should be a red shift for the galaxies that are moving away from us and no red shift for the galaxies that are moving closer to us or traveling at the same speed as us in the same direction.  The relative constant density distribution of stars 360 degrees around the earth argues for a homogeneous universe that is not expanding at all! Yes, there may be localized expansions and contractions in the galaxies themselves but the universe is largely homogeneous.

Even my theory is not provable so I am not wasting my time trying to prove the theory because it can’t be proven in the laboratory which is the only realistic proof that counts in this world of ours.

Other scientific facts that argue against the big bang theory are the curious red shifts of quasars which don’t fit the expanding universe concept.  The relatively constant background noise in 3D from the universe observed with radio telescopes also argues against an expanding universe. The distribution of periodic elements can’t be explained with the big bang theory unless the fudge factor of dark matter is introduced into the equations.  Sun spots and solar wind can’t be explained gravitationally. Gravitational forces don’t explain the spiral shape of galaxies.

String theory is a failed attempt at trying to explain the whole universe in terms of vibrations per second between two points in space. Dark matter therefore has a frequency or frequencies and dark energy also has a frequency or frequencies. What are the frequencies? No one knows or will know until we invent an apparatus which measures dark matter and dark energy frequencies. Until then it is all just guessing in an infinite void of the unknown.

String theory also has a singularity and that is an infinite frequency when the two points in space unite. Does that mean infinite energy and/or mass concentrated at an infinitely small point in space? Absurd!!! We are just not smart enough to explain everything in terms of frequencies with mathematics as our only tool. Vibrations are three dimensional and not two dimensional as we assume and mathematics is not complex enough to explain three dimensional vibrations and the almost infinite interactions between the vibrations in three dimensional space.

How is light altered by traveling around or through dark matter or energy? No one knows and the red shift may in fact be because light is altered by dark matter and/or energy. The more insane fudge factors or inventions we make about space the more insane and unanswerable the questions get.

There are about 40 reasons why relativity is not only a bad theory but an unprovable one which has not led to any new discoveries. Some of the most glaring contradictory facts to relativity are that neutrinos travel at the speed of light, have mass, but don’t have infinite mass. There is an observed lack of curvature in overall space.  Time is not a vector which has an inverse the way that direction has and should never have been merged mathematically.

Growing evidence is beginning to show that plasma and electromagnetic forces may have to be used to explain the universe more fully. This is further proof that the big bang theory is not on solid theoretical grounds and general relativity or a pure geometrical explanation may have to be abandoned as a valid full explanation for the movement of cosmological bodies. Turbulence in space argues against a pure geometrical explanation of star movement and formation.

We should all be trying to create a better world with updated human laws so that humanity and wilderness plants and animals can all justly survive into the foreseeable future.  All theoretical physicists should quickly retrain and participate in constructive ways to build a new and better robotized world.

Come on, do you really believe the universe or universes could have originated from a single point in space which is infinitely small and has no volume? That is what the big bang theory assumes.  Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Mathematics has trouble applying the concept of zero, a point, and infinity to the real world so science, which uses mathematics, comes out with highly improbable theories like a black hole which also is about the size of a point or infinitely small in size and has no volume.  Mathematics is just not an advanced enough tool to be used to theorize about the origins or functioning of the universe millions and billions of light years away and mathematics is also a very poor tool to be used in theorizing about the infinitely small!

Singularities in theoretical physics which don’t make sense and never will and which originate from our basic misunderstanding of zero, a point, and infinity will plague science with unanswered questions as long as we continue to try and explain the world with mathematics as the only tool.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle proves that we are at a point where we can no longer measure anything smaller than a photon.  Stop all that research into highly improbable particles such as quarks, leptons, bosons or the Higgs boson.  We are not smart enough to learn about the origins of the universe or the true nature of matter beyond the photon or electromagnetic radiation in general.  The new improved earth should be the new age of applied physics, applied chemistry, applied biology and applied robotics in general.

Sure, we can make high energy protons collide and seemingly observe light traces of more than two particles but how can you make any generalizations about fundamental particles when you have not collided high energy electrons together to get similar light traces? If there is truly a fundamental universal particle then you should also find it as the building block of electrons too. Mathematical science, inadequate scientific apparatus, and the human mind is just not smart enough to come up with proof that a universal particle exists since you can’t prove what you can’t measure and you can’t devise physical experiments which prove the unprovable.

The truth is that we should all, including physicists, stop theorizing about the origins of the universe and should instead robotize society so that humans can be freed from repetitive, boring physical labor.  All scientists and laymen should be theorizing and passing new laws to conserve and expand bio-diversity on this earth because we will have no place to go if we destroy it!  The truth is that travel in space is only realistic for robots and not for human bodies and the probability that humans will populate other planets is highly improbable.

My book NEW LAWS: NEW FUTURE LAWS shows in minute detail how laws can be updated to prevent the world from plunging into imminent suicidal oblivion.

Historically religious leaders wowed their flock with stories about miracles and stories about super human events.  Today bullshit theoretical physicists are wowing their gullible flock with stories about teleportation, worm holes, parallel universes, multiple bubble universes, string theory, black holes, dark matter, anti-matter, existence of something unique at two or more points at once, etc. Don’t listen to and try to believe all that irrelevant, untrue, unprovable nonsense that has no real value in the real world that you are now living in!  Theoretical physicists have replaced the religious prophets of old and their supernatural claims or theories are just as outrageous and not to be believed! No homosapien will ever be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent!  Which non insane human really thinks that they can be all knowing, exist everywhere, and be all powerful???

The truth is that humans have not evolved to the point where they can explain and understand all the intricate and detailed workings of the universe and probably never will!  Escaping to other planets is a dream that should not be investigated in any great detail when pollution and the destruction of biodiversity is so imminent and needs our immediate attention and action!

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