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MYTH: Just civilization can exist without wise laws on reproduction and without a moral code.

TRUTH: Just civilization must have wise laws about reproduction and a strong basic moral code which it tries to follow or civilization is doomed

Sociobiology basically teaches that physical survival of an individual and/or group and successful reproduction are the primary motivating internal drives that cause animals to behave the way that they do.  Culturally, survival of an individual and/or group and successful reproduction are also the primary motivating internal drives which are altered by learned bad behaviors and mythical beliefs which sometimes override the physical survival of an individual and/or group and modify sexual reproductive behaviors.

In a nutshell sociobiology should motivate a culture to promote the survival and reproduction of those individuals and groups that achieve a social position based on merit or on the corresponding effort, ability, and achievement. Only the wealthiest of individuals or groups of individuals should be permitted to practice polygamy and the rest should be monogamous or without offspring.  Those who reproduce in greater numbers should be the most wealthy, smart, and healthy. While it is true that many intelligent people will not reproduce in greater numbers because wealth is not often a major priority in their lives, they could do so with the promotion of artificial insemination which could be propagandized in society.

When social propaganda will start to glorify technological achievement and encourage the reproduction of people in important jobs, society will have evolved from its current unjust emphasis on equal reproductive success for everyone. Equality is an unjust dysfunctional philosophy in the long run and is not how it should be in nature which evolves in an upward direction and is not socialist or communist in nature. Just modern evolution is an evolution which rewards brain power and health and tries to optimize future generations with more of these two important primary characteristics. Encouraging the breeding of egalitarian mediocrity should hit the dustbin of modern reality.

Classical primary emphasis and reproductive selection based on highly subjective beauty produces many unhealthy and not so bright domestic animals and many people which nature would and wants to destroy. Future genetic research and evaluations will pinpoint the brightest and healthiest human specimens with greater accuracy no matter what their current economic state. Yes, there should be a genetic elite which should also be a social elite. The smartest and the healthiest should reproduce in greater numbers so that future generations may greatly benefit.

To ensure the survival of each individual the society should deliver basic necessities to the residences of all those unemployed and destitute. The unemployed and destitute should be offered free online home education and should have a realistic hope of rising to full employment based on their personal effort, ability, and achievement in the education process.

The just and meritorious distribution of information, goods, and services in society should be a secondary goal along with the primary goal or the survival of biodiversity upon which the survival of all societies ultimately depend.

My evergreen book JUSTICE introduces the fundamental beliefs and behaviors necessary for a just culture to exist. CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and EDUCATION REFORM show how meritorious behavior can be justly rewarded.