Daily Archives: December 27, 2012



The truth is that we can use human mother’s milk from all lactating women who are eating and drinking healthily and not using drugs.

There should be a new private and/or state run industry that milks certified mothers daily door to door and transports the freshly collected milk in refrigerated trucks where it is also bottled, dated for expiration, and delivered to supermarkets or health food stores as soon as possible.

Mother’s milk should no longer be homogenized or pasteurized for the wealthiest of the employed.  Who needs all that inefficient often unhealthy overly processed food variety to stay healthy? Not everyone.

The ancient Chinese emperor’s children used to drink mother’s milk up to about the age of thirteen to stay healthy so why can’t we extend that to an entire lifetime for some dedicated fanatics.  The name of the milk should not be Emperor’s milk or some status symbolic brand name but it should have its source or origin labeled.

You should be able to get mother’s milk from recently unemployed lactating mothers or those that have been unemployed for a lifetime and are lactating.  There can even be mother’s milk from working mothers on an organic diet and this should have a premium price on it that only the very affluent will be able to afford.

Natural unprocessed mother’s milk is one food that is complete and on which you can survive for months if not years without taking in other varieties of food.  One food diet fads are dangerous unless it is a diet on whole raw mother’s milk only!  Believe it or not!