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MYTH: Artistic expression is a worthwhile pastime.

TRUTH: Nature in its wildest form has no place for art and artistic expression does not survive in the wilderness but is torn apart and consumed or recycled. Almost all artistic expression should cease and be recycled into a purposeful existence which is drinking healthily, eating healthily, being sheltered efficiently with minimum energy consumption, and EFFICIENTLY communicating over the internet with friends all over the world in a language found in SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS. Food should be the primary conversation of interest to all and should be discussed and exchanged worldwide. THE MUTANT BEAST DEVOURING THE EARTH IS ART AND ART IS DEAD!!! LONG LIVE HUMANITY AND WILDERNESS ANIMALS!!! I AM THE SIGN OF THE BEAST DEVOURING MUTANT ART!!!

Artificial plastic surgery is a testament to the fact that many of us fall short of the idealized beauty standards for men and especially women.  Most of us living a real life are just destined to marry someone who is less than perfect in the physical beauty department.  Fortunately there is a tradeoff that comes into play when physical beauty is bypassed.   Women who prefer to be natural and have brains and a pleasant personality are a pleasure to marry but material girls with beauty but no brains are destined for divorce court once the beauty fades and their true shallow personalities take over.

Similarly a handsome man is often not as good a provider for the family as a more common looking fellow.

The primary focus of beauty after the face is breasts in women.  Large breasts are simply more noticeable so they catch the male eye more frequently than smaller ones.  Realistically breasts should be large enough to feed one or two infants and a size greater than a C cup becomes burdensome to the owner because of the extra weight.  Large breasts also greatly increase the probability that men will treat you more as a sex object to be hit upon and not be as concerned about your personality.

Penile size just increases the likelihood that a man will not be faithful to just one woman since many of them may consider themselves to be ladies men designed to please women.

There are asymmetrical breasts and noses which can be considered to be a little ugly because symmetry should be the idealized norm.  Yes, right hands are often longer or stronger and more muscular but this is only because we so foolishly emphasize that the right hand should be used in most cases.  The truth is that both hands should be used to speed up everything by almost a factor of two.

I had an asymmetrical nose tip which I thought was ugly so I got a nose job.  It may have landed me a better job or wife so I don’t regret having done so.  Yes, plastic surgery is OK but don’t become an addicted fool which can lead to looking like a freak of nature.

What pictures are truly beautiful?  In the new audio visual world, stationary pictures should increasingly fade in importance. Any new artwork should be moving digital pictures of majestic predators and other wildlife superimposed on majestic landscapes and hung in prominent places so that all can be inspired by the wonders of nature when they glance at a mural or picture. A collage of natural animals and plants superimposed on majestic landscapes can be the new standard for static mural excellence.

Most stationary artwork is so dull and uninteresting in comparison to nature themes that it should QUICKLY become obsolete as a form of human expression.

Paintings should no longer be a good investment for the future unless they are super good imitations of nature such as Delacroix’s “Men on a Raft”.  Almost all the artwork that should survive and be admired is very close imitations of reality which can truly be called artistic human talent.

Impressionist and other abstract paintings which are mutant replicas of nature should die a natural death through lack of interest and funding.

Some monsters and mythical beasts are eye catchers and can be awe inspiring unnatural creations.    Stationary pictures of them have a place on the wall but it is far better to view them in audio visual video games.  However, one should realize that these images are mutant forms of nature and should not be idolized or worshipped but are rather images to be feared and avoided as much as possible.

Any ancient realistic painting masterpiece can be preserved digitally and can inspire anyone in the world who has a computer monitor.  With modern day digital big screen technology, there should be no reason why people can’t show painting masterpieces on a big digital screen and change the masterpiece on a daily basis.  Once the masterpiece is digitalized, there should be no fear of theft from criminals and original masterpieces should not be as highly prized as they still are today.

The truth is that true beauty originates from or imitates nature and man made creations which stray too far from nature are often as grotesque as most natural mutants and just as dysfunctional!!!

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