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Education [www.imagesplitter.net]MYTH: We will always be able to remain fully employed as a nation and it is desirable to do so.

TRUTH: We need massive underemployment to get rid of trivial unnecessary jobs in the economy and make it more efficient in the future by offering free education in a science or technical field as a realistic hope of future employment to all those unemployed and destitute who have a desire to put in the effort, who have the ability, and who will try to achieve a higher level of quality education.

With a safety net for the unemployed and destitute there will be no need for a minimum wage because if it is too low then citizens will remain unemployed and destitute supported with basic needs delivered door to door but no vehicle transportation.

Instead, without a minimum wage employers will be able to hire teenage children to do fast food, clerical help, urban farming, safe factory jobs, and other safe jobs at minimal hourly rates for about 4 hours a day so that they get training in the work ethic on the job with financial help from the family.  This way, children of the employed will have the opportunity to learn basic job and people skills which will be very useful in the employment world where it is often said that you can’t get a job without experience.

Teenage children of the employed will get all the job experience that they need and then some! We will also be once again in a competitive position with developing countries like China and Russia.

There may be some that feel that there would be less time for school if they worked. Well, shorten the school day by four hours a day because children aren’t learning useful job skills in school anyway and a liberal arts education is highly overrated and is largely an inefficient trivial pursuit expensive bureaucracy to boot.

Teenage children of the unemployed and destitute should not qualify for part time work because it would encourage the adults to bear more children and send them out to earn spending money for the unemployed and destitute. Instead, the teenage children of the unemployed and destitute should be spending more time on education which will benefit them later in life.

I don’t believe in using profane language but I use fuck here to get the message across to all those working people that I love so much such as furniture movers.  Those poor people have hard jobs lugging around heavy furniture day in and day out and it is a hard, boring job.  Many of them use fuck and motherfucker every forth word or so and I empathize with them.

I am a man for the working people because I have been there and seen it and experienced it with my own body sweat.  Yea, I can also move medium weight furniture. I am not afraid of dirty hard jobs or any job for that matter because all jobs are still necessary and to be admired. I worked my but off doing a fast job by moving quickly with about three to five boxes at a time strapped to my back.  Did I get rewarded for all that extra work? No!  I was working for minimum wage and there was no incentive to work hard and make the customer happy with a speedy move.

The truth is that almost all those minimum wage jobs are unjust and in about 10 to 20 years there should be very few minimum wage jobs that robots can’t do better. Most of those minimum wage workers should be educating themselves on the internet for better technologically based jobs.  Education retraining in science and technology over the internet at home or in school should be financed by the federal government and the instruction for the audio visual education should be provided by private businesses also potentially funded by foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. All the recipients of this free internet education would be the unemployed and destitute and all students in public schools, community colleges, technical schools, and universities.

The federal government should not finance liberal arts education nor grant student loan protection to those students pursuing liberal arts fields!!!

The truth is that most minimum wage jobs should be robotized and humans should not be trapped into working at bare subsistence levels for long periods of time.  That kind of work is truly dehumanizing and a terrible exploitation and minimization of the full potential of the human body and spirit!!!



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