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Change the law so that voting for local, state, and national representatives occurs once every ten years on the same day.

Stop government financing of special interests with special laws and subsidies. In effect, exclude all special interest relevant laws and subsidies as soon as possible.

Pass a national sales tax to finance all those destitute and unemployed including retired people with no social security and over 18 year adults who are unemployed and/or studying in school on the internet.

All taxes should be a fixed percentage of the gross income without deductions for any personal or business expenses. Polluting or very hazardous businesses should pay a higher fixed percentage of gross income.

*****The premise is that too much money is spent on campaigning and special interests and there is not enough money being spent to help the unemployed and destitute adults in society.

Implement a secular moral code to be taught in elementary school so young impressionable minds know what is wrong and right morally. There are exceptions to moral absolutes in emergency situations and one is the need to distribute some of the wealth to the destitute and also unemployed so that they have a free opportunity to be reeducated with the help of personal effort, ability, and achievement no matter what their age.


Change the law so that a grace period of about a week is permitted to test a newborn child for severe debilitating illness by 3 financially independent doctors who will advise a parent whether to voluntarily terminate the life of the infant or place the financial burden of the severely handicapped child on the shoulders of the parent(s) not the government or the health insurance companies.

Upon divorce the husband or wife get to keep 50% of the accumulated financial and real estate assets of the wealthiest spouse, unless there is a prenuptial agreement, without the need for lawyers involvement. Custody of the children goes to the mother unless she has a severe record of child abuse and the husband does not.

*****The premise is that reproduction consequences should be the responsibility of the parents and they should be able to make rational decisions about the financial total cost of their children and themselves. In love, the premise is that money should be the primary reason that keeps a family together or apart and not individual immoral flaws in behavior and/or character.


Change the laws so that inflation is kept as close to zero as possible with no deficit spending and inflationary subsidies to international banks and investment businesses from the treasury with counterfeit money.

Place a time delay on stock bid processing to keep fast computers from having an unfair buying market advantage and place a financial transaction limit of about a million dollars to avoid stock market crashes.

Make derivatives, put and call options and options trading in general illegal. Stop risky money gambling with the use of risk assessment tools in market transactions.  End the many deceptive money speculation techniques which are irresponsible in an inflation free economy.

Set up a financial liquidity reserve for the government which should be an investment in a Worldwide diversified stock commodity portfolio totaling about 10% of GNP.

*****The premise is that the economy should not be a gambling enterprise which is in reality gambling with taxpayer money but should be a just economic enterprise which tries to maintain the integrity or value of the dollar over time as much as is realistically possible!!!!!

If you like some of my suggestions and think they will do some good in curing an economically dysfunctional system read my book COMMON SENSE and go read my blogs at Enjoy!!!!!

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