Lies from Jackie Warner:

From Jackie Warner

Avoid These Three Mistakes

Are you making one of the three mistakes celebrity trainer Jackie Warner advises against? Setting goals that are too ambitious, shying away from resistance training and failing to incorporate superstar foods like grapefruit and oatmeal into your diet all can hinder your progress. Watch



You don’t need ambitious goals unless you are into building body mass as a weight lifter or muscular body builder. Most people just need to tone their bodies with fast body movements about 3 times a week or even less for about 20 minutes or less. Resistance training is unnatural and should not be done at all unless you are a body builder. There is no superstar food like grapefruit and oatmeal in your diet. The truth is that 100% of certified organic foods are superstar foods and you should be eating as large a variety of them as possible.

Lies from Jackie Warner:

From Jackie Warner

Stop Doing Crunches

Big movements like squats and pushups are better at achieving a flatter belly than crunches because they work your core significantly. Do these in place of crunches for a more effective belly workout. Watch


There is no scientific proof that squats and pushups and crunches will give you a flatter belly. Pushups primarily exercise your hands and not your core whatever that means. Localizing exercise will build up muscles in that localized area but the loss of fat occurs equally throughout the body and has little to do with localized exercise of a body part. If you exercised your thigh muscles would your cellulite disappear almost overnight or ever? The truthful answer is a resounding no!

Lies from Ellie Krieger:

From Ellie Krieger

Add Protein To Post-Workout Meals

Include protein in meals after working up a sweat. It will help your body absorb carbohydrates better. A combination of the two will help your body replenish after working out. Watch


Fats are just as important in replenishing your body after an intensive bodily workout. People don’t just survive on proteins and carbohydrates!

Lies from Joy Bauer:

From Joy Bauer

Don’t Skip Snacks

Go for snacks that are calorie controlled — 150 calories or less is a good rule of thumb. When your stomach is growling, try a piece of fruit like a banana or peach with a handful of nuts; a granola bar; or roasted edamame.Watch


You should eat only when hungry and should shy away from snacking because it will turn you into a nonstop daily eating machine with your stomach constantly growling asking for food during the day. Snacking is a recipe for overeating in small quantities. Have one hearty belly filling meal once a day with plenty of variety foods and drink and you can stop counting calories in your life. If you have a tendency to be fat change your diet radically to better food and you won’t be wasting your time calorie counting.

Lies from Lacy Stone:

From Lacey Stone

Keep Moving Throughout The Day

Sitting for extended periods at your desk during the work day raises the risk for developing heart disease. Interrupting long periods of sitting at your desk at work with two minute breaks of light or moderate-intensity activity such as walking and stretching can help curb risks of increased glucose and insulin levels.


Sitting at a desk does not increase the risk for developing heart disease if you are eating a wide variety of healthy food in your life. Increased glucose and insulin levels only exist if you pump your body full of soda a sweet foods and snacks during working hours. There is no risk of increased dangerous levels of glucose and insulin if you are sedentary and moderate your sugar input during the day.

Lies from Terri Walsh:

From Terri Walsh

Lift Weights To Keep Your Body Young

As women age, relying on impact exercises alone is a mistake. Resistance training keeps your bones strong and stimulates muscle growth — and the more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn, even when you’re not exercising. Watch


Your bones will remain strong whether or not you exercise if you eat a healthy wide variety of organic food in your life. Even in old age when confined to a wheelchair eating healthy will keep your bones strong and a minimum of natural body movement exercise will keep your body as fit as possible under natural geriatric old age degradation. If you are genetically going to suffer from osteoporosis in later life there is nothing you can realistically do about it. The more muscle that you have does not mean that you will burn more fat and get thinner because once body builders stop exercising they get fat quickly in many cases by overeating. There is no correspondence between muscle mass and losing weight. Finally lifting weights will not stop the natural aging process of your body.

Lies from Terri Walsh:

From Terri Walsh

Knock Out A Fitness Plateau

If your workouts aren’t having an effect on your body anymore, you might have reached a fitness plateau. This happens when your body gets used to its exercise routine and workouts become too easy. The secret to busting out of a plateau is switch up your workouts to keep your body guessing. Change your resistance, your speed or the amount of time you’re doing to keep getting results. Watch


A fitness plateau just means that you are exercising the same amount of time each day or whenever you exercise. To get out of a fitness plateau you have to increase the time which you exercise or increase the resistance on your machines. The truth is that you shouldn’t be using resistance machines in the first place unless you are a body builder but should stick with natural body movement exercises.

Lies from Terri Walsh:

From Terri Walsh

Go Heavier On The Weights

You’ve incorporated weight training into your workout — great job! But routinely raising the amount of pounds you lift will reap even more benefits. As a general rule of thumb, once you can do 15 reps of an exercise without resting, you should increase the weights. Women, go up 5 to 10 pounds; men can increase by 15 to 20 pounds. Watch


You are not a body builder so you don’t have to lift heavier weights. Why should you? Do you want to be strong enough to lift 90 pound bags of concrete mix onto your shoulders? Most people don’t need extra strength in their lives or at work.

Lies from Terri Walsh:

From Terri Walsh

Sleep More To Burn Belly Fat

Fat burning and muscle repair happen at bedtime. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body isn’t functioning as well as it can. Additionally, when you’re sleep deprived, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that increases ab fat deposits — yes, the dreaded lower belly fat.


Cortisol is a hormone which circulates through the entire body and is not just responsible for ab fat deposits or belly fat which should not be feared or dreaded because depositing fat throughout your body is a natural reaction to overeating if you are susceptible to weight gain in the first place. There are plenty of skinny people laughing at the myths which pervade the mythological industry of weight losing amongst people who are naturally fat to begin with. Skinny people eat boatloads of fats and carbohydrates and proteins and never get fat. Change your diet to a healthy one and live with your naturally plump body.

For more truths about exercise and eating I have included two of my blogs. If you want to shatter a thousand and one other lies or myths in your life read my blogs by going to uldissprogis.com and start being enlightened. If you are a reading fanatic buy one of my books for $3 and learn how to realistically improve your life and not be depressed and obsessed by your weight which is really not a problem to begin with.



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