Clooseh: adj. a human with whom you frequently interact with and/or have an intense emotional bond


  1. Mental Peace:

Some humans create personal anxiety and fear with a spouse in a marriage by being a responsible and devoted spouse but in dealing with the opposite sex have a playboy or playgirl mentality and different values.  This means hypocrisy and misery which is the result of trying to maintain essentially two split personalities which are not morally consistent.

If married then try to control your adulterous tendencies and you will be happier in the long duration.

Other people try to please too many different people with different wants and needs and this usually results in basic dishonest behavior which makes mental peace and happiness impossible because of immorality.

The key to mental peace is a simplified morality which creates priorities so that you don’t waste time on stressful personal thoughts and other humans with immoral behaviors and interests which also stresses your mind and makes happiness less probable.

Don’t destroy biodiversity and don’t lie and don’t be inefficient and don’t steal and don’t commit adultery if married and don’t murder is a morality which will give you more mental peace and happiness in the short and long duration.

  1. A Very Clooseh Companion:

A very clooseh companion is a spouse or a very close friend with whom you can be completely honest and are still accepted and loved no matter how many faults you may have.

Frequently friends and lovers are not very clooseh and you may choose to hide your true thoughts and personality to some extent. This is fine for many colleagues and friends and acquaintances since you would probably prefer them not to gossip about your true feelings and behavior if it is opposite to their own preferences. Your good public reputation which you may try to maintain may decrease if you communicated some controversial facts about your true personality and life.

The truth is that if you can’t be completely honest with a very clooseh companion such as a spouse or very best friend then you will not be as happy as you could be in the relationship. If you can’t share your deepest thoughts and feelings to a very clooseh companion you will not be as happy as you could be in the relationship.

A very clooseh companion is usually a long duration relationship without which you frequently will be less happy and more depressed in your life.

  1. Communicating Personal Integrity or Honesty:

People can avoid the anxiety and stress caused by not having two split personalities- one on the inside and one on the outside.  Many people may feel that this is an act of courage but having to hide the truth very frequently results in a pressure cooker lifestyle which can lead to unhappiness when you slip up and show your true feelings or true personality and your treachery is revealed.

Honesty is the key to maintaining a good reputation with people who basically want to trust you to be who you are in public and private. Research seems to show that the average American tells about 11 lies a week and this moral flaw is a primary source of unhappiness for most humans. It is a fact of life that mental and physical health will improve if you no longer tell those lies and half truths or deceptions which most humans find in you sooner or later anyway.

Honesty is still the best policy in the long duration but you will meet many short duration deceptive human manipulators who will try to brainwash you that honesty is for losers in life.  Cheat or lie for short duration profit and you will suffer from this kind of immorality in the long duration and you will never be respected as a leader or a potential leader.

  1. A Healthy Diet:

Toxic food and a diet with little variety will result in bad health which includes mood disorders. Cross cultural correspondences have shown that excessive sugar intake increases the probability of depression and badly affects the immune system.

A healthy diet means a great variety of certified organic foods and no GMO food and pure water and minimally processed food and no artificial ingredients and much raw food. A good place to start eating healthy would be to minimize processed sugar and artificial sugar in food which you eat or drink.

  1. Making Realistic Goals:

Humans often pursue unrealistic goals with little hope of achievement and then wonder why they are so stressed out and discouraged. Hoping to become a sports star or a famous musician or a movie star or a celebrity as a profession are unrealistic goals for most of us who are just not that talented. This leads to unnecessary stress and pressure and anxiety which frequently results in much unnecessary disappointment and a large decrease in happiness.

Make goals in shorter and smaller achievable actions and the probability of reaching them will increase. This will result in greater satisfaction and more episodes of happiness in your life with less stress and pressure and anxiety. Be happier with making smaller improvements in your life instead of dreaming big and getting nowhere speedily with the dissatisfaction which accompanies attempts at unrealistic goals.

  1. Judge Others As Humans Like You:

Unless you are the rare highly selfmotivated individual try to empathize with others and consider them to be similar to you in wants and needs and desires but unique in their choice of interests and behavior.  You will become more responsive and respectful and compassionate and will begin to live more in harmony with others around you which will make your social interactions happier ones.

  1. Develop a Thinking Mind:

Try to think about what you are doing or going to do in the near future and you will escape the life of a “mindless” automaton. Consciously taking some time out planning your life and following through to desired goals while frequently considering past successes and failures will motivate you to improve your life through personal historical thinking and you will become happier as a result.

Silence should also be an important part of your life so plan for some silent time and give your mind a needed rest and frequently on a daily basis if possible. Meditation or thinking without anxiety and/or emotion will relieve some stress and recharge your batteries with further mental excursions and profitable actions which will soon follow.




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