MYTH: Standard food preparation which is boiling and frying is the best way to prepare food.

TRUTH: A lot less energy use and healthier food can be obtained with less heat.

It is untrue that meat has to be grilled or fried at high heat to save the juices. In restaurants where food has to be prepared speedily this is necessary. If you have the time at home then get a medium rare steak by heating up water to about 130 or 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 54 or 60 degrees Celsius and place the heated water in a water cooler which maintains a relatively constant temperature. Then place the steak in a zip lock plastic bag and let it cook for about 45 minutes.  This slow cooking will be a medium rare steak with the natural juices in it and no carcinogenic compounds which result from burning the steak or too much browning.

If you want your steak well done or something in between increase the temperature of the water at which you cook the steak to 170 degrees Fahrenheit or 77 degrees Celsius or less and cook for 45 minutes.

Steaming vegetables is not the healthiest way to prepare them because heat sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C decrease and boiling them flushes too many water soluble nutrients into the water which is poured out.  Instead place the vegetables in a zip lock plastic bag with enough water to cover the diced vegetables. This decreases the cooking time. Place it in hot water in a cooler at constant hot temperatures and at a temperature that you can experiment with.

I tried diced broccoli especially the finely diced stalks and placed it in a plastic bag and cooked it for half an hour in 160 degree Fahrenheit or 71 degree Celsius water. It was very flavorful with a pleasant crunchy taste. The water in the zip lock plastic bag was delicious to drink without the need for salt or flavorings which you can add if your tastes desire it.  When you finish heating the vegetables also drink the water in the plastic bag and get the complete nutrients which have leached out.

I tried diced potatoes for 15 minutes at the same temperature and liked the texture better than that of mashed potatoes. Try cooking more than one diced vegetable at the same time and see if you like the results. You have plenty of wasted time on your hands so put it to good use experimenting with different temperatures and cooking times.  Enjoy a healthier lifestyle designed to fit your personal tastes and no one else’s!!!

You will no longer be a slave to recipes which ask you to prepare meats and vegetables in the oven or a frying pan and the food will be grease free unless you prefer to add a little flavorful melted butter to the mix.  After you prepare the basic food you can add as many spices and sauces to suit your taste if your taste buds have been desensitized by years of abuse with too sweet and too spicy food and natural mild food tastes don’t taste good.

You don’t have to marinate the food inefficiently where you waste most of the marinade after the soaking period is over.  It is better to use less concentrated spices and liquids and add them to the steak or vegetables after they have been cooked if you like the marinade flavors.

Don’t be afraid to mix different foods which taste good because over 90% of the time you will have a recipe free product which will taste good and be good for you!

Growing edible insects and using them as food additives is a great future concept but even greater is the growing of edible bacteria mass and then killing it and using this as a nutrient rich food additive which could be a great source of proteins and fats and carbohydrates.  Bacteria reproduce at great rates given enough CO2 and other dissolved nutrients and bacteria reproduce and grow more speedily than plants and livestock.  Third world food problems could be partially solved with this knowledge.

Hopefully restaurants will soon start prepreparing food the scientific way and serving it to their paying customers who just don’t want to waste time waiting for the relatively long cooking process to end.


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