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Baby Drinking Beer

Taste test your own coffees and teas and wines and beers.  Here’s how. Let’s start with a coffee taste test.  Taste the coffee hot and black without milk or sugar.  How does it taste?  Is there any sign of a bitter aftertaste that is too over powering and does not taste good?  If it is rather mellow in flavor that is a good sign and we can wait for the coffee to cool down to room temperature at which point we will give it another taste test.  Does it taste more bitter? If it tastes more bitter buy another coffee and do a comparison test.

The true test is a comparison test so you should be doing this at the same time with two or more dark hot coffees.  Hot coffee is a taste or energy overload and your sense of taste can’t detect the subtle nuances in flavor that the coffee has.  At room temperature compare which two coffees taste the best and you are done!  Now you know which coffee you like best no matter what the coffee commercials may claim!

With wine or beer compare the taste of two or more at ice temperature by adding ice cubes.  Once again there will be a cold energy under load which means that your taste senses will be literally frozen and not capable of noticing subtle flavor differences.  Allow the wine or beer to reach room temperature and taste again. Sure bad wine will taste bad at room temperature and the question is which one tastes the least bad.  That is the wine or beer that you should be drinking cold.

Sure the experimentation is a little time consuming but it is well worth the effort and you will truly know what tastes best for you!! And you alone!! Then dare to buck the social trends that your friends and relations and society try to ram down your throat with socially embarrassing rhetoric and phrases!

Actually you can taste and compare all kinds of products and drinks at room temperature.  You can do this for soft drinks too.  Which one tastes the best at room temperature when comparing two or more sodas?  This is a sure fire way of finding out what your favorite soda really is.  An objective personal evaluation and true evaluation of your taste preferences can be made this way.

So go forth and experiment with as many taste tests as you want.  Happy HUNTING- Let the best tasting soda and/or drink and/or food exist in your world!  I personally don’t approve of sweet sodas but I’m not the taste boss, you are!

If you find that you don’t like the taste of a soda or wine or beer at room temperature then why should you be drinking it in the first place? Dare to say no! I won’t put anything bad tasting in my mouth and swallow it! Why should you?

Read COMMON SENSE. Enjoy!!!!!!