Daily Archives: February 19, 2013




  1. Exercise your body with a slow walk during which you can further relax by trying to meditate about something pleasant which you will do in the future and listen to nature sounds. If you are exercising on a treadmill listen to nature sounds or view some wildlife predator prey or wild animal families in action on a high definition screen on the wall.
  1. Eat one of your favorite meals which are not just energy boosting snacks and fill up your stomach with milk and meat which will leave you with a full satiated feeling and you will begin to feel relaxed and if you are really stressed eat a blood sausage because lions eat meat and blood before they relax and fall asleep.
  1. Follow this up by drinking a favorite wine or beer which will have a further sedative effect on your body.
  1. Women may prefer to follow this up with a warm bath and some favorite  nature sounds in the background during which you can meditate on some favorite theme of a past or future event. You can also view wildlife scenes on a high definition screen on the wall.
  1. Go to bed and start meditating  with nature sounds in the background about past or future pleasant events or hopes or just try purging your mind of racing thoughts by counting from one to a thousand starting with a thousand.
  1. Finally with a good exercise and meal and drink and some favorite nature sounds in the background try getting some good sleep to end the day.