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teens need jobs

MYTH: Teenagers should not work in the real world.

TRUTH: Teenagers should work about 4 hours a day in fast food places as cashiers and as factory assemblers in safe factories and in urban farming at less than minimum wage to instill a proper work ethic and gain work experience in the real world. Some skilled and valuable teenagers will  work at more than current minimum wage if they are productive members of the business. Real work experience in the real world will motivate them to learn more conscientiously so that they are not trapped in a low paying job for the rest of their lives.

School hours can be cut by 4 hours each day because students are not learning much of anything worthwhile in school these days. Liberal arts classes should be cut like music (band and chorus and theater and ballet and dance) and art ( ceramics and culinary and fashion design and creative writing and expository writing and journalistic writing and world literature and English literature and arts and crafts) and physical education or sports and foreign languages and history and social science and and political science. Students aren’t learning any useful skills which they will later need in life but will be just killing a lot of valuable time. Surely the school system can cut education in middle and high school by at least 4 hours!!! Over 99.9% of the students will never use that liberal arts education in their lives for useful skills on the job!!!!!!

The truth is that there should not be an arbitrary age of 18 or so before a teenager can work.  The truth is that many teenage children should be permitted to work in a safe environment such as a fast food outlet or safe assembly line work or urban farming for about 4 hours a day. Teenagers historically helped parents on the farm and there is no reason why the work ethic can’t be promoted in the society at large today.

They can commute to and from work on a scooter or be shuttled back and forth by their parents.  The truth is that many precocious children will choose to continue their education rather than work at menial jobs which should be quickly disappearing in the highly robotized society of the future.

Teenagers should be able to drive scooters and motorcycles which don’t exceed 30 miles per hour if they can prove their driving ability.  They should also prove that they are morally competent and realize the consequences of reckless driving with adequate testing and a handful of adult trustworthy witnesses which would include family and friends and independent government evaluators.

Enough driving dexterity develops before the age of sixteen in some children and mental stability can occur by the age of about thirteen for some early bloomers.  At thirteen some Jews become men in fact and not only symbolically by having a bar mitzvah. Women have a bat mitzvah.

In the old agricultural days children used to do hard labor on the farms and helped their parents make a living and learned to work hard.  It is time that teenage children start working again at less than minimum wage for about 4 hours a day at a part time job. Parents can shuttle them to and from paying work instead of to and from sports and entertainment activities in school which just waste a lot of time and energy and money.

Sure children will be competing with adults for jobs in the workforce and will cause many adults to become unemployed and destitute.  The unemployed and destitute will be provided with free further education in a technological field and support for their basic needs door to door by the government so they won’t be missing their minimum wage labor jobs very much.

Think and do what society expects you to do and by 18 you will be considered an adult.  What bullshit!  The world is filled with a majority of 18 year old adults who are behaving like immature small offspring and many are without jobs or stuck in boring and minimally productive lifestyles devastating the environment in their mindless overly simplified habituated and indoctrinated ways.

Most people are just another brick in the wall of egalitarian imprisonment with little hope of escaping it.

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