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MYTH: You can live longer with the right medication or diet.

TRUTH: Your lifespan is primarily genetically determined and artificial means of extending it may be successful but will only realistically add a few more years to the lifespan. Living healthily during that lifespan depends on much quality food and some agility exercise or just a fast walk about 3 times a week but you don’t have to do this habitually since you can skip an entire week or month and not exercise.

In old age when the joint muscles start to feel a little stiff then some exercise of the joints may be necessary such as deep knee bends using the full weight of the body and/or some upper body push ups from above the knees by squatting on knees while doing the upper body push ups.  This can be done for about 10 minutes a day one to three times a week. This should eliminate most joint muscle stiffness and if it doesn’t then increase the exercise time to 15 or more minutes a day.

            The truth is that technology can only help us to live longer and more qualitative lives if humans select genes which naturally give longevity and good health for future generations.  No magic pill or pills will make you live much longer or healthier than you were programmed to live genetically.  If your genes say that you will lead an unhealthy life and live a short one then changing your diet or popping “magic” pills is not a guarantee against these fundamental genetic flaws.

Regenerative medicine or growing a new heart and/or arteries and/or veins and/or liver and/or kidneys and/or etc. offers a realistic means to increase a productive lifespan and compensate somewhat for living an unhealthy lifestyle so there is some realistic hope in the near future for extending the quality of your lifespan even with bad genetic inheritance.

Don’t waste your time searching for the magic bullet which will give you longevity.  There is no magic bullet yet and there is a large probability that there won’t be one in the future.  With bad genes you can continue to struggle to live a longer life and most of us choose to do so but don’t expect the quality of those extended days of life to continue to be qualitative.  Eat healthy and exercise in moderation and you will live the longest life which you were programmed to live.

Contagious life threatening diseases and infectious diseases will always be a threat of premature death which can be successfully treated with medical technology improvements.  Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria have to be treated with new technological discoveries. Antibiotics should only be used in immediate life threatening situations because they also kill good bacteria necessary for healthy living especially those found in the gut.  Killing good and bad gut bacteria will lead to a life with unhealthy side effects in the short and long duration and definitely don’t use antibiotics for viral caused common colds since you will speedily injure your health!!!

Finding a cure for cancer is another worthy area of research which should be funded primarily by private research money.  A hundred years ago the cancer rate was minimal and the only real change has been in our diet and in toxic chemicals and drugs in our systems. Starting to eat certified organic foods again and limiting your use of synthetic drugs to a minimum can decrease the risk from cancer and heart disease.

The truth is that lifespan is primarily determined by your genetics and secondarily by what you eat and it is highly improbable that you will easily change your DNA after birth into the predictive future.