Meditation is concentrated focus upon a sound and/or object and/or visualization and/or the breath and/or movement and/or attention itself to increase focusing on the present moment to reduce stress and promote relaxation and to theoretically help personal and mental growth.

Meditate: v. to think without anxiety and/or emotion

Meditation claims to reduce stress and is a form of relaxation and theoretically helps personal and mental growth.  Other claims include improved concentration and decreased blood pressure and reduced stress and anxiety and enhanced immune function

Whatever its form meditation is some time spent doing or thinking about something else other than what you are thinking or doing most of the time. It is basically a pause in your life which is meant to refresh you.

Medication works basically by redirecting your daily thoughts and body motions into almost no thoughts and minimal or no body motions.

Having almost no thoughts and no body motions is very close to what could be considered to be sleeping and you may not have to go to this extreme to relax your mind and body.

Mentally repeating a phrase or chanting a phrase and simple repetitive body movements is one way of meditating.

Sitting in a chair and puffing on a cigarette without inhaling or sipping on a healthy drink and thinking about how you could do your job better or thinking about something other than your job is a form of meditation or reality thinking which can be more useful in your life than escapist meditation techniques with seemingly no purposeful activity going on.

Sleep is the best form of mediation and you should get enough of it at night but during the day take some breaks and redirect your mind and body into a relaxed circumstance where you can purposefully think about how to do your job better or how to improve your daily life or think about something pleasurable which you would want to do in the future with family or friends or acquaintances.

Purging your mind of thinking logically and rationally during the day is what meditation tries to do and it is not the most effective technique to correspond your mind and body to real life living.

When you rest you should with as little emotion as possible rationally and logically think about what you are doing or have done or what you will be doing in the future and analyze it in your mind and ask the most important question-How can I function better in the future given my present and past circumstances?

You can meditate the traditional way and try to become a mental and bodily Zombie or you can meditate or think the modern way purposefully.

Returning to nothingness or almost no thinking is what you do in sleep and there is no reason you should be sleeping in the daytime when your mind and body seeks activity.

Primitive tribes don’t meditate or do so minimally so you should be cautious about advice given by Buddhist monks on meditation who spend their lives trying to become stylized very biased “perfect” humans sitting on their buts most of the day.

My personal opinion is that traditional meditation is a waste of time and you can meditate or think better the modern way which basically means taking a five or ten minute pause from what you are doing and thinking in a rational logical way about your past and present and future potential activities.

Goal seeking modern meditation or logical restful thinking is what I recommend to relieve stress and motivate greater personal and mental growth. You will have improved concentration and decreased blood pressure and reduced stress and anxiety and enhanced immune function!!!!!!

How will you know if you are meditating properly? When you start thinking without anxiety or emotion.

If the only way to do this is to use standard traditional meditation techniques to help you decrease your emotional level then do so but start reading my blogs which are written without anxiety or emotion having a role in the communication as do standard emotionally charged communications.

If you liked this blog read some of my others and buy one or more of my books. Enjoy!!!!!!


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