Sugar and high fructose corn syrup has too much fructose in it which only the liver can metabolize and it converts it into fat and causes metabolic imbalances which does not exist if you eat natural fruits which also have other nutrients with some fructose.

Pastries and sodas and candy bars have empty sugar calories without many minerals and vitamins so you are eating a lopsided food with almost no nutritional value.

Eating much sugar with fructose can cause deposition of fat in the liver and lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Too many calories from fructose can lead to serious bad effects on blood markers in as little as 10 weeks with increases in blood triglycerides and dense LDL and very bad oxidized LDL and fat in the abdominal cavity and decreased insulin sensitivity.

Excess fructose consumption can lead to insulin resistance which can contribute to increased obesity and diabetes in many humans.

Excess sugar consumption is linked with many serious diseases such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease and obesity

Glucose and fructose consumption was compared and it showed that you feel hungrier with fructose intake than with glucose which means that you will probably have a tendency to overeat on a high fructose diet.

Sugar intake releases dopamine in the brain giving us pleasure and excess sugar intake causes so much dopamine release that it can be considered to be addictive in nature with classic signs of addiction.

Fructose causes leptin hormone resistance which translates into not feeling full and eating more than you should. If you want to eat less then sugar must not be part of the meal.

Conclusion: Excess sugar which contains much fructose can lead to serious health problems and is addictive and will cause you to overeat.

Eat pastries and candies and drink sodas in moderation to avoid the very bad effects of excess sugar consumption.

If you are addicted to sweets have them every other day and eventually once every three days and you will be eating sweets in moderation.

If a food has sugar added to it as an extra ingredient don’t buy it if it is not naturally sweet!!!!!!

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