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Subset: n. a thing

MYTH: TV will last forever.

TRUTH: There is no time and energy and money wasting TV in wild nature!!!!!!

Some interesting subsets are rarely shown on TV and most can be seen on the INTERNET hours and rarely days before they are shown on TV.

Really interesting subsets which could help you live your life better are infrequently seen on TV because someone somewhere is trying to censor  the truth or deceive you for their own financial benefit.

TV is not the place to find the truth because most programs are deceptions which prevent you from learning the truth.

Reality TV is simulated TV and not interesting unless you like wasting your time and getting a small pleasure from the misfortune and embarrassment of other humans.

Do you really want to use time watching humans crash and burn living in an entertainment world without seeing them pursuing worthwhile goals in life?

Seeing humans pursuing worthwhile goals in life could be entertaining and useful too but you won’t find this on TV.

TV does not permit you to interact by communicating about the bullshit that they show but the internet does.

Drug company ads for pain killers and drugs with many unhealthy sideeffects will make your health problems worse not better.

Those drugs don’t cure you but give you sideeffects which will create a need for more pills in your life and not less.You will be losing money helping the drug company’s profits without any health improvement.

A little proper body exercise and/or rest in the painful areas in the solution in many cases as your smart body heals itself and the fuel and medicine that your body needs is a very varied diet which can usually cure you in a few weeks or months.

Watching TV in the long run will depress you and the drug companies have a solution for you.

Habit forming ANTIDEPRESENTS with sideeffects which will need more pills for the rest of your life caused by the courtesy of the corrupted medical profession.

Food advertisements will brainwash you into buying overly processed foods with too much sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup and neotame and aspartame and many unhealthy unnatural additives.

The vast majority of GMO’s are not healthy for you in the long duration.

You will not die instantly but your long duration health will suffer if you eat too much GMO food especially raw corn and soybeans and not enough certified organic food.

Every second of your life is valuable time and do you really want to waste it watching other humans living pretentious lives day in and day out?

Political deceptions or hidden lies and an rare real lies are not the only lies which you will see on TV and they deceive no matter what their political philosophy.

You are brainwashed daily with social and economic deceptions and lies on TV also especially the real cosmetic lies.

These political and social and economic hidden lies  are designed to enslave your mind and body and keep the truth from you so that you can be a slave to the wishes of profiteering politicians and socially corrupt leaders and largely economic short duration profiteers who mostly want your money now and the sooner the better.

If you are a moral person and are getting truthful information which you share from the internet you will be far more valuable and interesting to your friends and more valuable to society than any human on TV!

Why pay valuable difficultly earned money for something which hides the truth and is a large deception and entertains us so badly that many of us seek freedom from it with antidepressants.

Why waste your valuable time and energy being brainwashed into buying products and services which you don’t need and which will only waste your difficultly earned money with impulsive purchases of products you will want but don’t really need and can do without.

TV will lead you to the bad house of bad health and stupidity and financial irresponsibility!

TV manipulates your irrational emotions to sell you on irrational concepts and unnecessary products without offering you with any useful facts or information which you could use in living your life in relative peace and harmony with other humans and wilderness animals and plants.

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