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When food is processed many chemicals are sometimes added which are not natural but which help to preserve shelf life and make the food taste better (usually sweeter) and make it look better with food coloring and bleaches to make the food look whiter.

Don’t panic from fear and completely eliminate processed foods from your meals since most of the scientific studies on animals were done with overdoses of these food additives which produced results such as cancer and kidney problems and liver problems and dizziness and nausea and allergies etc. but be moderate in the amount of processed food that you eat and include as much certified organic food as you can afford or get with your meals.

You will not immediately suffer from all the bad side effects from processed foods but your long duration health will be affected and your metabolism will gradually change with time and cause unsuspected illnesses which overdoses of bad food additives don’t even begin to document.

Be a smart consumer and if you eat processed food every other day or once every three days then you are probably being moderate in you intake of foods bad for your health in the long duration.

I have included an published article which may scare you and if it does create fear in you then it is good fear because you will begin to understand that natural unprocessed food is the best for you in the long duration.


Ten food label entries that should send you running

Friday, March 15, 2013 by: Sandeep Godiyal