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You stop communicating or talking to your spouse completely and ignore him or her.

There is no close interaction or intimacy because there is no trust and/or sex in the marriage.

You are financially on the brink of bankruptcy from overwhelming financial debt and there is very little hope of pulling out of debt even in small increments.

You are heavily addicted to alcohol and/or drugs and/or prescription medications and you think everything is fine and doesn’t need changing.

You are spending too much time away from home and family and are too dedicated to your career and other outside interests.

You are having an intimate affair outside of marriage and it is not the first but one of many.

You are addicted to the internet with its social media and almost spend no time with family.

You are verbally and emotionally and bodily abusive with your spouse and have been for a relatively long duration

You are addicted to pornography.

You are addicted to spending too much time and money buying material possessions and hoarding them.

You no longer care for your spouse and won’t try counseling as a last resort to try and save the marriage.

You have unrealistic expectations from your spouse which are impossible to live up to or you never forgive for past mistakes and indiscretions which your spouse has made.