A thirty year side by side study of organic versus industrial farming techniques was made by the Rodale Institute with the following important facts:

Profits for organic farms were over 250% larger than for large agribusiness and

farm yields per acre were approximately the same and

organic farm workers hired were generally greater per acre and

organic farms are 45% more efficient energy users with production efficiency being 28 % larger and

they are approximately 20% more drought tolerant and

have improved soil quality and

don’t use toxic chemicals suchas pesticides and herbicides and lopsided fertilizers.

The most revealing fact is that we spend about 10% of our income on food and 16% on health care and it used to be the reverse percentages.

We are spending less on food and more on medical expenses because we are so unhealthy from eating the cheap, polluted, over processed food of large agribusiness!!!!!!


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