pennsylvania amish farm

Living a germ free lifestyle is not the healthiest environment for offspring and they should get dirty and grimy in their youth growing organic plants in the house  or yard or in city farming environments.

In the house you can grow organic food and plants with efficient and cheap LED lighting made specifically for growing plants as written up in my article DESTROY POLLUTING AGRIBUSINESS WORLDWIDE WITH REVOLUTIONARY LED LIGHTING!!! March 5, 2013

If offspring do live dirty lives and don’t wash their hands unless they are covered with grease or grime and visit nature once in a while and drink breast milk when newborn they will have much fewer allergies and especially predispositions to allergies.

Offspring should stay away from modern medical drugs and vaccines as much as possible and only use them for life threatening circumstances and especially not use drugs for frequent colds and mild bacterial infections which the immune system can take care of given enough time of about a week or two.

For actual scientific evidence about their better health read the following article about the Amish.


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