Beware of energy drinks loaded with sugar to give you a temporary energy high and make you feel energized unnaturally coupled with an artificial caffeine dose added to make you feel very awake.

When the effect wears off you are worse off biologically then when you began drinking the “energy drink”!!!

Also beware of the new scam that a product with a picture of a brain on it will improve your decision making ability and make you smarter.

It is an untrue claim!!!

Molley Crockett a neuroscientist has a wonderful video which separates fact from fiction and I have included it in my blog.


I’m a neuroscientist, and I study decision-making. 

I do experiments to test how different chemicals in the brain influence the choices we make.

I’m here to tell you the secret to successful decision-making: a cheese sandwich.

That’s right. According to scientists, a cheese sandwich is the solution to all your tough decisions.

How do I know?

I’m the scientist who did the study.

A few years ago, my colleagues and I were interested in how a brain chemical called serotonin would influence people’s decisions in social situations.

Specifically, we wanted to know how serotonin would affect the way people react when they’re treated unfairly.

So we did an experiment.

We manipulated people’s serotonin levels by giving them this really disgusting-tasting artificial lemon-flavored drink that works by taking away the raw ingredient for serotonin in the brain.

This is the amino acid tryptophan.

So what we found was, when tryptophan was low, people were more likely to take revenge when they’re treated unfairly.


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