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 MYTH: The death penalty prevents serious unacceptable crimes.

TRUTH: An unacceptable crime commiter can’t be frightened away from doing the crime because that form of crime gives one basic pleasure and he or she loves to do it. No death penalty should be the rule because people can be so easily framed in this technological society with planted evidence for an unacceptable serious crime which they didn’t commit.

A moral reputation usually guards somewhat against such frameups but in this growingly immoral society most reputations are bad to some extent.

Usually the immoral citizens go to court and are prosecuted so reputation does not exist in the equation.

It is very easy to frame an immoral person which is why injustice is out of control in the immoral society which we have.

The truth is that every criminal that commits a nonlethal crime should be given a second chance to reform him or herself.

Assault and battery and criminal shooting without death and rape and child molestation and burglary and etc. can have large first and second time sentences with a severe warning that if the crime is repeated a third time it is a lifetime sentence.

The fear of permanent incarceration is missing from our outmoded criminal system.

The fear of death is not a sufficient fear to prevent crime and you can be framed and sent to a lethal injection from which there is no just return.

Modern forensics is not an exact science yet and never will be since many mistakes are made in determining what evidence is valid and which is not so there are many cases where a person is victimized with the wrong evidence which may be greatly circumstantial and lead to a false conviction in court.

Technology has advanced so greatly that fabrication of planted evidence is so easy to do that you can get framed by clever people very easily and get convicted with planted evidence.

The only protection against being framed is a sterling reputation with friends and family but how many of us have it today?

The best way to frighten people away from a violent life is to show a video of a maximum security prison to young impressionable minds in elementary school especially to ghetto children who live in violent surroundings.

If immorality continues to grow in society unchecked then audio visual evidence will soon become the only true facts to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed.

There should be no death penalty but only life imprisonment as the most severe punishment!!! 

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