Intelligent: adj. possessing the ability to memorize and process much information but it is not a measure of how smart you are in life

Smart: n. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Have you ever envied the humans with large IQ’s and thought

If only I was as smart as them I would be better off in this world and my life would be more enjoyable.


Almost everyone is intelligent and most of us have similar brain sizes and the only reason you have been stereotyped as less smart is because you have a memory which is not as good as the memory of those with large IQ’s.

You too can learn the thousand and one trivial facts and synonyms and antonyms and thousands of words and verbose book information which those with large IQ’s have memorized.

But why should you?

They are not much smarter than you and many are less smart with so much education which has brainwashed them into thinking that they know everything there is to know and are in positions where they think they have the right to communicate to you what is right and wrong and how you should live your life.

Your memory is not so good but that does not mean that you can’t be smarter than them.

All you need is a quality education based on facts and the truth and you will be smarter than the humans with large IQ’s in this world.

Where do you get such valuable education?

Read my evergreen truth blogs and then if you begin to feel smarter then read some or every evergreen book which I have published especially COMMON SENSE and you will begin to feel confident in knowing that you are indeed smarter than almost every human in leadership positions in politics and society and economics and education.

If you take some or all of my advice then you can go on the internet, use search engines, and read what really interests you and you will be much better able to separate fact from fiction and view the articles with an analytical knowing insight. You too will not fall prey to the myths and deceptions which are being propagandized on the internet in politics, society, economics and education. You will know the truth much better and be able to laugh a little at human stupidity and truly find solutions to any problems which you may have in life.


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