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elizabeth shue leaving las vegas

The truth is that prostitution is the oldest profession and it will unfortunately be around to the end of time.

A just government should try to ensure that prostitution is a voluntary choice and not an issue of human slavery.

There are far too many women who are victimized by criminal prostitution enterprises and are enslaved under lock and key and their lives are threatened if they plan to escape their involuntary servitude.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and it should be legalized and taxed and monitored.

The prostitution of minors should be against the law but adult women should have the legal right to voluntarily sell their bodies if they choose to do so.

To avoid sexual violence and sexual coercion and abuse all houses of prostitution and high class single prostitute businesses should be wire taped with audio visual setups monitored by a police surveillance force and ultimately computer surveillance so that there is proof that no woman is being forced to have sex by a pimp.

Customer’s or John’s identities will no longer be secret to law enforcement but that is the secrecy which you will have to give up if you want to have paid sex.

The brutal pimp will be put out of business because sexual violence should definitely be against the law.

Locally houses of prostitution and high class prostitutes can be limited to restricted or zoned areas away from most family activities and life and preferably somewhere in the worst parts of a town or a city.

Advertising should be word of mouth only with no street solicitation and not over the internet or on billboard signs.

Prostitution is a social necessity but it should be treated with censorship as a potential blight on family life.

Why is prostitution a social necessity?

Because there will always be very ugly people and severely physically and/or mentally handicapped people who will want to have sex with a real woman.

There will also be plenty of males fantasizing what it would be like having sex with an attractive and sexy woman who physically surpasses the beauty of their young or old wives.

Male lust and a desire for varied sexual partners will lead many men to prostitutes who will fulfill their lust and fantasies for a price.

There will be a disincentive to cheat on a wife because that is adultery and should be against the law.

A wife suspecting that maybe a husband is committing adultery with a prostitute would be able to visit the police and get a check of her husband’s name on the customer list including high class prostitute lists.

If the husband’s name (identities will be checked before they are recorded such as with a license number) is on the client’s list she will have grounds for divorce if she so chooses.

Many wives after overcoming their initial rage and betrayal and feelings of jealousy may choose to forgive their husbands and give them a second or maybe third chance to not do it again and therefore will often not immediately be prosecuting for divorce.

They will have the power and the evidence in the form of audio video to file for divorce at any time without the need for a lawyer.

Standardized rules for custody of the children and financial rewards and/or property to be taken from the husband will be available so no court adjudication will be necessary and tax payers money will be saved since there will be no court costs other than those for the divorce filling fee.

A suggestion would be 50% of the husband’s current wealth unless there is a prenuptial agreement which offers less.

The total wealth of the husband should not be taken away because it is often the fault of both parties that the husband has gone to a prostitute and terminally jeopardized the marriage.

In the future and I predict it will probably be a rarity there may be some women who may choose a male prostitute and the same rules would apply to the wives as to the husbands and the husbands would get custody of the children.

This may not keep straying husbands from having sex with non-prostitutes while married, but at least the wife will have some assurance that she is not going to get STD diseases from prostitutes who could infect her husband.

A final note: There should also be periodic mandatory prostitute doctor checkups for STD contagious diseases and an official record kept of all those people who may have contracted them so that customers can be identified and contacted and quickly treated so that they will not spread STD diseases to their wives or other sexual partners.

With these recommended laws in place prostitution will be a legal business but never a big local business unless a corporation buys up all the prostitution businesses in the nation or world and makes big bucks on a yearly basis from the combined total.

There may be some who feel that monitoring will not work but this is just an admission of the fact that prostitution is a great way to make money illegally and launder the money for big profits.

Prostitution is just a big business enterprise which is continuing to thrive because of a cash economy which makes profits easy to hide.

In a cashless society the government will be able to monitor prostitution activity much more readily and make illegal activity a form of tax evasion punishable by financial penalties and even jail time so it is just a matter of time before prostitution becomes institutionalized similar to some European countries.

Make your profit while you can but in an open source society of the future clandestine business operations will be almost nonexistent and all for the benefit of the general welfare especially family units.