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The truth is that most people inherently would like to get something of value for nothing or with very little effort or money.

There will always be people who will want to secretly gamble and play poker even in a cashless society where immoral activity can be reduced to a minimum.

If you gamble and mostly lose you are wasting energy which means that you are being very inefficient with your time and energy and money and that is nature’s sin.

Gambling has become big business so it is highly unlikely that it will be banned from the face of the earth into the predictable future.

When the government starts controlling the internet like in China gambling could die sooner rather than later and not pollute the society needlessly.

Yes China has a moral advantage over us in the short run but maybe not in the long run.

China can censor what it deems to be morally corrupt and this is a major advantage from a social standpoint.

It is easier for China to discipline its society along the proper acceptable social paths and its national police force is already in place so they are ahead of the United States and Europe in some important ways.

China now just has to produce quality products and people the way that I envision it and they could potentially compete with western countries very efficiently.

Of course this only assumes that they also impose my moral code upon the people and if they do this their political social structure is doomed in the long run so it is highly unlikely that they will want to relinquish their political power in the short run and institute my moral code which is don’t destroy biodiversity and don’t lie and don’t be inefficient and don’t steal and don’t commit adultery if married and don’t murder.

From a moral point of view gambling is really immoral because it is a very inefficient social activity which wastes time and energy and money for most of the participants.

In the wilderness animals gamble or take risks with their lives trying to avoid predators and addicted gamblers take risks with their financial security and are constantly being eaten up financially by the gambling institutions which prey on their money very efficiently.

Gambling is a waste because it doesn’t make you any smarter and healthier and wealthier and sexier and really happier and etc.

Yes there will still be gambling establishments suchas national and international lotteries where suckers will try to become overnight billionaires but most of the smart people of the world will just laugh at gambling and say- The odds are not in my favor so screw it!

Smart people will not even waste their precious time gambling and drinking with their buddies at home or elsewhere because there should soon be a cashless society which will make low level gambling more difficult.

Gambling over the internet will only be stopped with an international attempt at stopping it which will involve stopping gambling credit card money transfers by credit card companies and this is highly improbable into the predictive future.

As long as personal checks and money orders and bank checks can be used internationally gambling will not cease over the internet worldwide.

Just like prostitution it seems that gambling can not be stopped or excluded from a relatively free society very easily and it will continue to plague society into the predictive future because it exploits human greed and greed is a fundamental human flaw for many of us which each generation inherits and must cope with.