Subset: n. a thing

Righta: adj. true and/or just

MYTH: Combative killing games satisfy our primordial urge to hunt and kill and satisfy that motivation without being violent towards real humans.

TRUTH: Mutant video games prolong the motivation to kill and create a bad habit of addictive killing.

In nature prey only gets killed once in a while and not 4 or more constant hours at a time.

Destroy violent video games and you will help exclude the predator within us and replace them with prey pursuit and killing scenes from the wilderness as ones you should watch and be entertained by.

Your urge to kill will be satisfied and it won’t artificially and unnaturally be prolonged for hours!!!!!!

Artificially and unnaturally prolonged sex is unhealthy and prolonged killing is bad for your mind!!!!!!

Learn from nature who knows how to do subsets righta and not from human mythical yet modern behaviors which are bad habits to exclude from your life and as soon as possible so start tomorrow!!!!!!

It is true that most violent games can become boring because you are only killing monsters and humans and destroying objects.

What do you want to do with your life?

Achieve a world record in the number of subsets that you have destroyed in your lifetime on a video screen?

Your objective should be to see how many subsets you have built or created in your lifetime.

Building and creation video games with perhaps a minimum of predatory activities should be the useful pursuits for the future.

Human’s inherit the predatory urge to kill or hunt and it will probably make many violent games popular into the predictive future but the killing should be short and sweet and purposeful behavior as in wild nature!!!!!!

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