MYTH: Promotion based on merit is an unrealistic dream politically and socially and economically and sometimes scientifically because human nature is so subjective and so is the language which is filled with emotional biases which adds to this subjectivity.

TRUTH: In more objective fields such as science and technology promotion based on merit is not only desirable but potentially possible. In subjective professions such as the liberal arts promotion based on merit is not possible so they should be promoted by private institutions of learning not funded by the government. The emotionally biased language with its tendency to be very subjective which continues social myths from generation to generation can be cured by a selective use of nonemotional words and logical definitions as detailed in my book Logical English Dictionary.

        A just society is one based on the moral distribution of information and goods and services and rewards and punishments.

My book JUSTICE covers this in great detail.

A just promotion is a moral promotion based on merit which should also be the goal of a just society.

Promotion based on merit should definitely be done in government and monopoly business jobs but these are today the most difficult areas to reform because they require objective standards which minimally exist today.

In the liberal arts who you know is frequently more important than what you know and factors such as friendship, nepotism, seniority, marital status, gender, political or ideological affiliation play dominant roles in deciding who gets the job and who gets to be promoted.

A first step to improvement is to make job resumes and job performance statistics public knowledge on the internet for government and monopoly jobs. This will help make monopoly and government jobs as just as is humanly possible within the existing ideologies.

It is more difficult to promote people based on merit in the liberal arts because there is so much subjective bias going on and much promotion is done based on friendship and/or seniority and/or political affiliation rather than on more objective criteria such as objective resume information and job performance.

The scientific and technological professions are areas where promotion based on merit is easier to do since job performance is very objective if it were not for present day stupid rules about seniority and tenure which frequently exist and handicap the attempt to base job promotion based on merit.

My book EDUCATION REFORM is an example of how merit based job achievement level promotion could be possible for students in school which in a nutshell means promotion or graduation based on achievement level and not age.

CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is a book on how merit based promotion or help can be done in the dysfunctional and bankrupting and unjust present day welfare system.

Job resumes and job performance will have to become public knowledge on the internet for government jobs and monopolies so that job promotion will become more based on merit than on the handicaps mentioned which make promotion based on merit greatly improbable in the liberal arts.

My book Logical English Dictionary shows how selective use of language words with logical definitions can decrease biasing subjectivity and make communication minimally emotional with little subjective bias. This new language structure will cure most of the the prejudice and emotional biases so unchangeably programmed into all societies and cultures today.

I can foresee the time when there will be legal suits to get a job promotion because the employee is so incompetent or plagued with bad job performance and/or nepotism and/or merely being good friends with the boss and/or only being too loyal without justification.

Conclusion: Promotion based on just truthful merit is not possible in the present world but it can be made just and truthful merit promotion if the knowledge in the four books mentioned is applied in a revolutionary way to change society for the better.


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