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Showing an honest true profile is what will help insure success in internet dating more than any tricks you might want to try to improve your image and theoretically but not practically make it more attractive.

Some people try to post images of what they looked like five or ten years ago, try to hide their eyes with sun glasses, lie about their height and weight, and introduce buddies or other themes in the background of the photo. Don’t do this. Your potential date is not interested in most of your buddies nor do they want to see pictures of how you looked in the past and definitely would like to look into your eyes without sunglasses obstructing the view.

Give your real age and body height and weight because the truth will surface on the first date and cause great disappointment and disillusionment and no follow up dating will exist and you both will have wasted your time and effort and money.

Before an actual first date find out as much relevant information as possible over the internet or even ask for a phone number so you can ask follow up questions, especially if both of you have revealed that you have a job which is believable and are not just humans looking for a good time at minimum expense and nothing more.

Some important questions to ask before a first date:

Are you currently employed?

What are your favorite relatives and what do they do?

Do you have any best friends and what do they do?

What do you see yourself doing five or ten years from now?

What do you love to do and what do you hate to do?

What do you do in your spare time?

Is there anything in the past which you will definitely not do in the future?

In a description of who you are also be truthful and reveal that you are not currently employed if that is the case because the biggest turnoff is dating someone who is only looking for a good time and not enough funds to finance the good time. Money is one of the most important things in a relationship and if you aren’t making any the actual date will almost never be successful.

Prior to the actual date make sure that you try to find out as much as possible about the person’s loves and hates by asking questions because what he or she intensely cares about is probably something which is a dominant theme in their lives and you will have to live with it if the date goes past the first introduction.

If you are not asked questions in return this is probably a sign that a potential date is not that interested in you in the first place. If they are reluctant to answer your questions they are probably a secretive personality and have something unpleasant to hide.

Don’t be afraid to ask if your date has any future plans or whether there is something they would like to achieve before they die because this will give you an indication of whether your potential date is stagnating and maybe even depressed with life or whether they are one who hopes to move on in life towards a better future.

During the actual first date ask many follow up questions about job and family relatives and what jobs the relatives have in real life and who their best friends are because you will get a better idea of what environment your date is coming from and with what kind of role models he or she has been exposed to.

Don’t just talk about yourself and turn the date into a monologue and don’t just talk about many untrue things that you are doing in your life.

Reveal some unimportant vulnerability which you may both share in common since it will help your date to empathize with you and realize that no one is perfect. If you have had some failed relationships in the past mention them briefly and show that you have moved on past those failures and are not living in the disappointing past.

If you are addicted to something or in therapy or with poor health you probably should not be dating and it is obviously something which you will have to try and hide.

Revealing briefly what problems you have had in the past and how you solved them or got over them will create the impression that despite life’s drawbacks you can solve them and move on and are ready for a new relationship.

Conclusion: Be truthful and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your date before the first actual date. It will save you much time and effort and money and avoid one disappointing date after another.

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