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Redness reducing eye drops used on a regular basis can hide problems such as dry eye and allergies or contact lens irritation and will cause persistent eye redness if your eyes get used to the drops.  Your doctor should diagnose the problem and treat it effectively with more than only saline eye drops for dry eyes.

Antibacterial hand soap is a waste of money because you have both bad and good bacteria on your skin and your body does a good job of taking care of the skin naturally with the help of only plain water and soap. You don’t have to wash your hands after every piss or shit or after every meal.  In fact rinsing with plain water is more beneficial because it leaves the natural healthy skin oils on your skin and excludes the need for moisturizers and skin lotions and unnecessary hand lotions.

Toothbrush sanitizers are unnecessary because a healthy body can protect itself from germs.  Just rinse your toothbrush with water and dry it.

Breath freshening mouthwash is unnecessary unless you are doing it for therapeutic reasons as prescribed by your dentist. Just slosh your mouth with water for about a minute 2 or 3 times a day for fresh breath.  Persistent bad breath can be a sign of eating too much garlic and/or gum disease and/or tooth decay and/or even something more serious such as diabetes.

Facial toner or astringent is used to remove makeup and reduce pore size but you can definitely do without it.  If you don’t wash your face every day with soap you will not be removing the natural skin oils and minerals that keep your skin healthy.  Irritation and dryness of the skin is caused by too much washing which removes the moisturizing effect of natural skin oils and minerals. Rinse your face with pure water without soap as much as possible to keep your skin naturally healthy and moist. Use makeup only rarely and if necessary only for special occasions. Keep your skin naturally oiled with the right body minerals from your body as much as possible.  Kiss unnecessary cosmetics goodbye in your life and get the best and healthiest skin that nature can provide free of charge.

Expensive moisturizers which contain exotic ingredients flushes money down a toilet. They have absolutely no benefit to your skin except perhaps for a nice smell.  Keep your natural skin oils which are the healthiest for your skin by only rinsing with water as frequently as is necessary and this will keep your skin clean and naturally moisturized with the proper proportion of good and bad bacteria on your skin. If you work in dirty or dusty jobs you will have to use soap and water to get clean and then a skin lotion is ok to replace the natural oils which are washed away.

Eat a variety of healthy foods and you will not have a vitamin deficiency and will not create the risk of consuming them in excessive amounts thus causing liver damage from too much vitamin A and kidney stones and diarrhea from too much vitamin C.  Don’t worry about having to become a vegetarian eating only vegetables and fruits because that is not healthy.  Humans are omnivores which can eat many plants and animals.  Eat a little of everything including fatty foods and bee pollen once in a while and you won’t need any supplements.

Douching the vagina with water and other fluids changes the natural balance in your vagina and makes it more likely to experience infection and irritation. The fact is that the vagina cleans itself unless it is infected and then the odor is very bad and worse than the natural odor.  If you enjoy licking pussy and need it to smell good you should stop the kinky practice and switch back to using your penis and fingers instead to stimulate the clitoris and labia. In fact pussy licking spreads the germs of bad breath to the vagina and make it smell even worse than before the licking.

Scented feminine products like douches and tampons and sprays and pads can lead to infection and vaginal irritation. Cleanse the outer part of your vagina with warm water alone thus leaving the internal natural mucous and bacteria largely alone. Of course if you are a prostitute and have an unusual amount of sperm in your vagina then you should rinse with warm water internally.

Cold prevention remedies are unproven ways to treat a cold and the use of Echinacea and vitamin C is inconclusive as well as zinc based nasal sprays which can in fact stifle your sense of smell perhaps permanently according to the Mayo Clinic. Don’t wash your hands during cold season because colds are mostly spread through the air with viruses traveling on dust particles.

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