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Kim Komando has a great website where you can get the latest digital info and also a potpourri of articles on many subjects which you can learn from and be entertained. You may want to subscribe to her website but you can get much useful free information on a regular basis which you can use and be entertained by.

Under the tab Health & Medical the website pdrhealth.com has good information on prescription drugs and their side effects. Mayoclinic.com is a good site to check for illness symptoms and you can try to diagnose the illness yourself. Of course to be sure you will probably have to check with your physician but you will have a better understanding of what may be going on with your body.

Under Money Making & Saving indebted.com can help to budget your money after inputting all your income and expenses. You don’t have to do the math.

Under the Cool Sites tab I searched for animals and got a great website cutestpaw.com where your children and family can go to get hundreds of cute animal pictures. I like wildlife and found a few excellent pictures but most of the pictures are of domesticated animals which is probably something which you would prefer.

Under the Tips tab there is a library of useful digital information such as software and programs which you may need, video tips, internet tips, etc.

I found out that duckduckgo.com is a great simplified search engine which you can use and if you search under my name you will be able to access all the books which I have published at Barnes and Noble very speedily.

Here is a link to her website (komando.com) where she gives quite a few good websites to visit if you would like information on gardening tips. Enjoy!!!!!!