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            The internet is revolutionizing the world and is becoming a threat to many specialty local businesses.  Book stores are threatened and video and music stores are going out of business. Movie theaters are suffering and electronic stores and greeting card stores are hurting. Internet retailers are severely impacting local retailers and winning over many customers.

Middlemen wholesalers are being severely affected by direct online sales as more and more humans buy online.

Dating and communicating on the internet is changing the way that we socialize. Socializing on the internet is also rapidly replacing the need to socialize in person and this is a great efficient change in human behavior.

More and more of us are getting our information and products on the internet.  We can surf the internet and get most of our entertainment there.

About 2.2 billion humans use the internet worldwide which means the world will soon become one great interacting community without borders. Global retailing, global socializing, and global education is what we can look forward to.

Soon schooling will be interactive audio visual education on the internet and the dysfunctional public school system with the exception of elementary school will be threatened with obsolescence.

My book EDUCATION REFORM details the inevitable changes necessary to free people from the unacceptable substandard education in this country and world.  Future lives will mostly be spent on the internet and more and more of us will be living sedentary lives.

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