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It is wrongly assumed that introverts are the polar opposite of extroverts and this leads to a great misunderstandings of the real multidimensional characteristics of introverts.

Stereotypes of introverts will mislead you into thinking that they don’t like to talk, are shy, don’t like people, are rude, are weird, do not like going to public places, can’t relax and have any fun, are aloof nerds, always want to be alone, and can reform and become extroverts. The wrong stereotype is that introverts are extremely antisocial.

Introverts usually don’t talk much unless they have something important to say or if it is a subject which personally interests them much.

Most introverts are not afraid of people nor are they very shy but they frequently don’t enjoy talking for the sake of talking about random subject matter. If you ask them an important question or start to talk about a subject which impacts the introvert he or she will respond but may take a few seconds thinking about what to answer.

Most introverts want people to react honestly and be as real as possible and do not beat around the bush with pretentious social pleasantries and small talk. They are frequently blunt and to the point and this may hurt some people’s personal feelings so some wrongly assume that introverts are rude.

Introverts go to public places but they generally don’t hang out in them for very long. They take in the experience rather quickly and if they feel there is too much purposeless activity going on they will leave and go home to recharge and process it all.

Introverts prefer being alone where they devote themselves to thinking, solving problems, and some daydreaming. They do however frequently crave an authentic and sincere connection with one person at a time when they may want to share their most recent discoveries.

Introverts may seem weird to humans who energetically follow popular and trendy activities because introverts don’t frequently follow the crowd but think for themselves and frequently challenge the norm. Introverts are different but not necessarily weird.

Introverts are frequently not thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies looking for fun in this world but prefer to be with family, alone, or with nature. Too much talking and too much noise and they start to shut down because they have different dominant neuro pathways and a somewhat different reaction to increased dopamine levels.

Without introverts there would be fewer scientists, mathematicians, doctors, writers, and philosophers. Introverts should not be pressured into becoming extroverts because it is just not their natural temperament.

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