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All employers prefer someone with some job experience because punctuality is important in any job since the biggest problem is employees not showing up for work. If you have held jobs in the past for more than just a few months it is an indication that you also will probably show up for work on a regular basis.

Minimum wage jobs such as fast food jobs and cashier jobs with a high turnover are frequently jobs where the manager is afraid of his or her job security and will frequently not react very well to someone who expresses a desire to move up in the business hierarchy or organization.  Many of those managers feel insecure in their jobs and do not want you to compete with them for their job.

A happy personality with good communications skills is always a plus but students studying and needing a part or full time work will frequently be hired first because they frequently don’t present a job threat to management and are sometimes more responsible than high school graduates.

Not having a motor vehicle is frequently a sign of financial hardship, financial irresponsibility, and an increased probability or assumption of drug use so it is best to have some form of personal transportation such as a car or motorcycle.

Jobs requiring creativity and thinking independently will frequently require more job experience and more proof that you can do the job successfully. Your resume will become more important with more details about your educational background, achievements, and interests and hobbies outside of work. You may be probed rather thoroughly to determine whether you will be a good team player where being a team player is important.

Specialty skills jobs which don’t require much teamwork will more thoroughly probe whether you have the necessary basic skills or whether you will need some follow up training or education in your field of expertise. Enthusiasm for your specialty job and confidence in your ability is important to convey because selfmotivation is important when working mostly alone without much coworker emotional and skill support.

During a minimum wage job interview let the employer ask almost all the questions unless you have been working at a specialty for many years and are sincerely looking for a job with more pay or greater opportunity to move up in the business organization. If it is a career job then showing caring and asking about benefits and possible perks and advancement potential becomes very important. The job interview should be more of a two way street where questions are asked by the employer and employee and both hope to reach mutually satisfying goals.

One final comment is probably most important to note. First impressions last and you should show up for a minimum wage job interview neat and clean in casual standard clothing without a t-shirt. Career job and executive interviews frequently create a better impression with formal clothing for men and to some extent women too. Smile if you can where appropriate and give the impression that you are generally happy with your life and optimistically moving forward in your life.

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