In wild nature you are programmed to live only so long by your genes and the only major other influence is injuries and disease which result in starvation or death.  If wild animals are fed their natural diet and protected from lethal diseases they will live out their natural lifespan and die a natural death.

Humans are also programmed to live only so long by their genes and if they ate certified organic food all their lives and moderately moved around and were accident free they would live out their maximum lifespans.

Personality, culture, religion, education, employment, income, marriage, living single, weight, happiness, stress, and many more environmental factors have no one to one correspondence with longevity.

If you or other humans were fed properly throughout your life and had adequate shelter and basic protection from deadly infectious diseases it would not matter one bit whether you had a bad personality, lived in a lousy culture, had poor education, were not religious but had a moral code to guide you, were unemployed with no income, were not happy, and were not married. You would still live out your optimal lifespan.

There is no scientific proof and there never will be that factors such as personality, culture, etc. affect lifespan with a one to one correspondence.

Statistical analyses are just probabilities which don’t prove anything with certainty in human behavior. It just provides behavioral pseudo scientists in the behavioral field with a nice income for their families and nothing more. It is bullshit science!

Conclusion: Eat the best varied certified organic food which you can afford or get, move around moderately, and try to live accident free and you will live out your natural lifespan predetermined by nature.

Where humans eat more natural varied food that is where they live longer. France and England are genetically similar and France is about 5th in longevity compared to England which is about 14th and a more varied more natural diet is possibly the reason.

Yes, there will be manufactured live organs and replacement parts for your body in the not so distant future and this will increase your lifespan to some extent if you live long enough to be a recipient of these biological scientific miracles.

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