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Learn to laugh at some of your mistakes and misfortunes

Everyone makes mistakes and has unfortunate circumstances in their lives. If you don’t learn to laugh a little at some of your misfortune, if you worry and think too much about the bad event, if you take it all too seriously, if you try to make unnecessary and illogical excuses and justifications for your problems, then you will feel miserable and humans will be laughing at you behind your back.

Daydream or meditate realistically about your future goals or possible realistic goals

Wasting time daydreaming about celebrity status in society or about limitless wealth is just a useless trivial pursuit with no benefits. If you daydream or meditate about more realistic future goals in life it will help you to prioritize your present life so that you can make realistic changes in your life. This will make those desired goals more realistically achievable. Taking about 5 minutes on the job to meditate or think about your job can eventually increase your efficiency at doing it. Meditating or thinking can also help you make plans to get a better job if you hate your present one.

Do recommit your life to morality when tempted to be immoral

The world is filled with temptations to cut corners, cheat, lie, steal, be adulterous, be promiscuous, drink alcohol too much, gamble too much, use too much pornography, use addictive drugs, and try to make much money in a risky or deceptively effortless easy way. Say no to all those temptations because you will come to regret your immoral actions and your trustworthy reputation with others will hit the toilet sooner or later when you are caught in your immorality or remain in it for too long.

It may seem that extreme gambling, alcoholic consumption, pornography, and promiscuity is not immoral but too much of it definitely is bad because you are being inefficient or wasting time, energy, and money doing things which leave less time, energy, and money to do the important things in life. Important priorities are working, having time by yourself to improve your life through education, spending time with family and friends, and maintaining a good reputation in society.

Wild nature is not inefficient and inefficiency is frequently punished by starvation and even death. Human society is more merciful but it still punishes inefficiency with much unhappiness. Inefficiently waste too much of your time, energy, and money and you will be very unhappy.

Being immoral may give you short term happiness if no one seems to know about it because you have succeeded in hiding it well, but it will inevitably result in much probable  misery when you are caught and ostracized or rejected by family, close friends, or by society.

You are responsible for your happiness

If you are unhappy about something then it is your responsibility to try and change the source of your unhappiness, to avoid it, or at least to make plans to be able to avoid it in the future.

If you are unhappy about your job or coworkers then start making plans for a new job and a new set of coworkers. If you are unhappy about your relationships with significant others then start reading books and articles on what makes for successful relationships and change your wrong behavior.

Some of my evergreen blogs and my evergreen book LOVEALL can greatly help you to solve the problem. If your family is making you unhappy and you are the primary cause of the unhappiness then make plans to change your behavior for the better. If you can’t change your behavior that easily then let your family interact without you as much as possible. Sometimes family life can deteriorate so much and become so unbearable that you may have to divorce.

My evergreen book MODERN PARENTING can be very useful to better smart parenting.

 Any bad or good circumstance will change given enough time

Change is inevitable in life and no matter how good or bad something may seem now it is something which will change in the near future or the distant future. Almost nothing lasts forever in life.

Most of us worry about bad circumstances but be confident that most bad circumstances can be dealt with successfully unless they are severe addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, and promiscuity which may require severe rehabilitation efforts to cure. Time heals most diseases, emotional hurts, and bad behavior during a lifetime and if it doesn’t heal it will probably kill you at some point prematurely in your life or create much unhappiness.

Get rid of everything which is useless and ugly

If it is something which you no longer use or you feel it is ugly or too old then throw it away or recycle it. Make room for more useful and beautiful things in your life which will make it happier and more efficient or practical.

You can be happy at any age

Unless you have a painful severely debilitating disease even at 90 you can jump on the internet and learn new things, get entertained, and meet new people with which to communicate.

If you have the money and health you may even be able to travel the world looking for new adventures and fun with people you meet on the internet.

In old age you can blog until you drop sharing the useful life lessons which you learned in a lifetime and which can be usefully shared with the new generation.

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