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Don’t make unrealistic comparisons to others

Other people may seem to be leading more interesting lives by traveling, going places, buying new cars and big homes, being more popular with humans, dressing stylishly, and being seeming happier than you. Chances are that they may have a larger income or may be financing all that activity with credit card debt which will lead to great financial difficulty at some point in the future.

All that selfindulgent inefficient activity is costing much time, energy, and money and not all of us can afford it nor is it desirable or necessary in the first place. If you are money poor get on the internet and virtually travel to all the exciting places on earth, look at all the expensive cars, homes, clothes, and join a social network on the internet, and find all the friends which you can handle from all over the world.

You will get much happiness by spending time and not money on the internet and you can do so on a very thrifty budget.

Don’t obsess over things which you can’t control

Politics, society, and national economics is something which you can’t control so don’t spend much time on the subjects. Limit your concerns to your finances, present job, potential future jobs, family, and friends and things which you have control over.

Trying to make realistic small changes in your life and succeeding at it will give you much greater happiness than disappointingly and unhappily obsessing over general events which you have no control over and can’t change.

Don’t make promises which you can’t keep

Not fulfilling a promise or breaking a promise is a form of lying which leads to disappointment, distrust, and unhappiness in others because their hopes have been denied and you have frequently wasted their time, energy, and money with your empty promises, especially if it is a question of punctuality and you don’t show up on time or don’t show up at all. No one will trust you or your future promises if you don’t fulfill too many of them.

Don’t complain that you never have time to do what is important

Even busy people can learn not to waste time by scheduling their time in a logical way. So much time is wasted in trivial pursuits or activities and trivial conversations with family, friends, and acquaintances that we can all cut back on them to some extent and save up enough time to do the important priorities in life.

My evergreen book HOW TO IMPROVE YOURSELF: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT: HOW TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY is an excellent source which will help you to get more free time in your life by eliminating bad habits, marginal hobbies, and trivial pursuits which may give some pleasure but are great time wasters and should be replaced by better habits.

Don’t spend much time hating things which includes humans

Hate: v. to sense very intense displeasure which one feels when one wants to destroy a (bad and/or wrong) subset(s) which may be morally (bad and/or wrong) and/or may be (bad and/or wrong) because it is the primary reason why one can’t achieve a desired goal(s) and/ or it is (bad and/or wrong) because it is a source of mental displeasure and/or bodily pain

Everyone hates something at some point in their life because they feel that it is bad, wrong, or immoral and one may also hate something because it seems to be the primary reason you can’t achieve a desired goal in life which you desperately desire to achieve. You may also hate something which is causing mental displeasure or bodily pain.

Be realistic and judge whether what you hate can be changed into something which you won’t hate. If the answer to this question is no, I can’t change or destroy the source of my hate, then it is better to try to not think about the object of your hate and to try to ignore it or move away as far from it as possible so you are not reminded of it on a daily basis.

Spending time in hateful emotions is not only bad for your emotional health but humans around you will be repulsed by its display and you will never be a loved or admired person among the emotionally happy humans.

The wisest thing to sometimes do is to forgive and try to forget the hated action. If it is a family matter you can forgive if you get a promise that it will not happen again and you don’t have to completely forget the incident which has probably registered prominently in your mind.

Don’t focus your time on past mistakes and inflicted wrongs

If you think about past mistakes and wrongs and try to find ways of avoiding them in the future or preventing them from happening again then it is not a waste of time.

If you are obsessed about past mistakes and inflicted wrongs and have no solutions to them in the future then it is best to not waste your time thinking about them because it is a dead end activity.

Try to forget them and move on if they are insolvable.

Don’t try to win every argument about unimportant things

If the argument or an emotional exchange of differing opinions is not important or will not affect your daily life in a significant way then don’t waste time trying to dominate and change the opinion to your way of thinking.

No one likes to be proven wrong or to be bossed around and if you don’t have compelling facts to back up your point of view then don’t push it and only use pure emotion to try and get the upper hand.

You should be discussing problems in your life and not arguing about them at a fevered emotional pitch.

Don’t waste time plotting to destroy other people with rumors and gossip

One way to get even after being offended is to seek revenge and create rumors and gossip about the offending human. The chances are that if the rumors and gossip is not the truth you will be found out and labeled a liar and your reputation will hit the toilet.

Some people try to destroy the reputation of others so that they can obtain a position of greater authority or a job promotion. If you are using immoral tactics like lying to get into positions of greater authority or power it may work in the short duration but in the long duration you will not be respected by humans working under you and you will definitely have a bad reputation amongst your subordinates.

The bottom line is that lying destroys trust and without trust your organization will not bond successfully with you.

If you remain in power despite your immorality your leadership reputation will be similar to that of a ruthless dictator.

Don’t waste time and energy thinking about what others are thinking about you

You can’t read human minds and most humans do not want to hurt your feelings by being critical of you even when it is obvious you deserve criticism. Humans have the ability to be deceptive and behave in one way and think about something entirely differently than what the behavior implies.

Trying to read minds, based only upon overt behavior is sometimes wrong and a waste of time among coworkers and between you and the boss.

If you desperately need to know what others are thinking about you then ask them a direct question about something you did which you have doubts about. You may be surprised that frequently they don’t think that what you did was all that bad or important and hidden personal opinions about you is definitely not something you should be wasting your time obsessing about.

Don’t waste your time and energy listening to unpleasant, irritating, oversexed, angry, sad, boring, depressing songs

Here’s a new sample song which you may like which is emotionally pleasant:


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