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A troublemaker who makes more problems than the achievements or contributions are worth is someone you don’t want working for you.

Someone with an ego problem who boasts or makes promises they can’t fulfill is someone who needs a shrink and not a job.

Someone with bad social skills or a bad attitude towards customers will just ruin the reputation of your company and not make any new loyal customers.

With training and instruction and enough chances to do the job right the employee still can’t or won’t do the job right and should be fired.

Unreliable employees who can’t do the job under occasional stress, don’t show up on time to do the job, or don’t show up at all should be fired.

Employees who whine and complain when someone doesn’t do the job right and even threaten the employer with litigation are not humans you want on board. They may throw a fit and sue you but it will be only once and you will have fired them permanently.

They ignore company rules of good conduct, are insubordinate to a boss, or have lied on their resume then it is reason enough to fire them.

CONCLUSION: Your job is stressful enough and the last thing you need is an employee who is destroying and threatening the whole organization little by little every day.

You don’t want very inefficient employees working for you and all the above reasons make an employee inefficient and one who will waste much company time, energy, and money. They are a serious threat to a healthy profitable organization. Fire them as soon as possible!

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