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Young Couple Jogging at the Beach

If you burn about 200 calories working out for about half an hour you are losing 200 calories of fat.

You lose almost no fat at all because your body first uses up its glycogen calorie reserves in the muscles and liver. You may lose very little weight because of water dehydration but you quickly gain back the water weight lost when you drink something. If you are using an exercise machine and it says that you have used up 200 calories that does not mean that you have lost 200 calories of fat.

Exercising turns fat into muscle

Fat cells and muscle cells are located in different parts of the body and a fat cell does not change into a muscle cell when you exercise.

Working on your abs muscles will reduce belly fat.

You will not lose belly fat because any loss in fat is distributed throughout the whole body and just exercising your abs will not only not reduce belly fat but will not reduce fat in your body during exercise. Only much less caloric intake or eating much less will reduce some weight if any and if you are eating more than 500 calories a day you will probably not lose any weight at all.

Stretching is best before a workout

Cardio is best before a workout because it starts blood flow and warms up the muscles preparing them for a strenuous workout and preventing injury. You really don’t need a strenuous workout so cardio and stretching is a waste of time. Stretching after a workout is fine but there is no scientific evidence that it does anything beneficial to your body.

Weight lifting will bulk up women

Women do not have testosterone levels which are needed to build muscle mass so lifting heavy weights will not bulk you up during a regular exercise session.

You need 8 glasses of water daily

Drink only when thirsty because you get most of your water from the food you eat and that will probably be only one or two glasses of water a day.

Going gluten free with energy bars etc. will make you lose more weight

Unless you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, there is no reason to avoid gluten and realistically most gluten free foods have twice the carbs and much more sugar than regular versions of the same food. There is no scientific evidence that gluten affects weight loss.

You are too old to get in shape.

You are never too old to get in shape as long as you can move your feet or arms. If you have never exercised then start off with five to ten minute walks and gradually increase it to about 20 minutes. You don’t have to exercise every day and two to three times a week is usually all the exercise that you need.

You need a long workout

As mentioned in the first myth you don’t lose fat during regular exercise and if you do go and exercise for very long periods of time you will probably only burn about 200 calories per hour or lose about half an ounce of fat per hour beyond the first hour of exercise.

You will get back the fat by only eating about two slices of bread after exercising so there is no point in exercising a long time to reduce weight because you won’t lose weight unless you starve yourself by taking in less than the minimum amount of calories which you need on a daily basis.

You need a gym membership to get results

Weight lifting for 30 minutes will not lose any fat because your glycogen will be burned up first. Any exercise done at home is just as beneficial to your health.

No pain no gain

The truth is that if you are experiencing pain your body is telling you to stop or at least slow down what you are doing until the pain goes away.

Exercising at night interferes with sleep

Exercising before going to sleep makes you more tired and more likely to fall asleep but you do need a few minutes to relax from strenuous exercise just before sleeping. Moderate exercise will not interfere with sleep but strenuous exercise is not recommended immediately before bedtime.

More hard exercise is always better

The truth is that too much exercise of the same kind will burn you out. Your muscles need relaxation and quality varied exercise is better than quantity single type exercise.

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