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She genuinely enjoys sex and has escaped being victimized and forced into the job by an aggressive pimp or organized crime.

She is coherent and sober and shows no signs of drug use or abuse and turns down clients who are on drugs or want to use them during sex.

She has not been sexually abused as a child and knows mentally and physically what she is doing and is proud of her profession and enjoys it.

She is an expensive prostitute and can make a good living with prostitution alone and is not doing it just to supplement her usual income.

She can limit the clients to two or three a week or one or two per day and is impeccably clean, not dirty, and not reeking from the smell of cheap perfume.

She does her best to minimize STD diseases by insisting on the use of a condom and never permits bareback sex.

She has a college degree and actually doesn’t mind spending extra time and companionship on a client and has long term goals and ambitions beyond prostitution.

She is not manipulative and will try to scam you in some way.

She will not do all the kinky things which you ask of her and has her limits or standards or what they will do or not do.

****She will ask the client whether he is married and decline service if he is. This almost never happens and that is why moral prostitutes are so rare if they exist at all in real life.

Conclusion: No matter how moral or nice a prostitute or “escort” wants to be she is still promoting adultery in a male which is an immoral act and all the other seemingly good qualities or characteristics do not make up for this fundamental immoral flaw. She is in fact a serious potential marriage destroyer.

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