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If you argue for entertainment or fun stop the bad habit because you will start unnecessary arguments impulsively with other humans when it is not appropriate.

Arguing with someone’s opinion which you disagree with will only lead to random emotional behavior which will waste time and energy without achieving a useful goal. You will not change a person’s mind with emotional righteousness and little logic but if you emphasize the important points with firmly said words you may succeed in updating their opinions which will adjust more with your own.

Don’t argue but try to discuss a topic as unemotionally as possible. If your opinion is weak and has only one or a few important provable facts use those to express disagreement. Permit your opponent to make the important points first and agree with the important ones which you also agree with. If you can’t answer an opinion with facts then remain silent and don’t push the topic further. Avoid as many arguments as you can because arguments frequently only express emotional disapproval and don’t solve any important problems.

There is no right method to argue or a wrong method to argue. All arguments are bad for you and your family and society. You will get angry at many things in your life but decrease anger as much as possible and count to 10 or even more until you are calm enough to continue a discussion and not an argument. If you can’t control your anger seek anger management help from a professional or start reading as much factual information as possible and not emotion filled literary works and hyped up emotional shows on TV and the media.

CONCLUSION: Arguing is verbal fighting or verbal abuse and one of you or both will get emotionally hurt by an argument. If you discuss any problem and use as many facts as you can come up with without getting emotional over it you will have a better chance of finding a solution. An attempted logical discussion, even if it fails, will not hurt your feelings as much and not leave you emotionally scared and wanting revenge or an apology.

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