Caring means that you know how to NURTURE and PROTECT your loved one or loved ones.


Each time talk about what your significant other cares about, it could be a present or future job or career, close friends, family, a favorite hobby, food, a favorite pastime, a prized possession, a favorite future travel destination, successful or pleasant moments, mutual plans for the future, plans for further education, and politics unless you are for opposing parties.

 Money and possessions can’t buy love but knowing a little about the possessions which are dear to your significant other is important because it will give you a better idea of what gifts to buy for special occasions which will not be disappointments and will really be what your significant other values the most.


Going to extremes and trying to overprotect your loved ones is bad but teaching them and trying to protect them to some extent from bad influences such as excessive debt, overeating, gambling, alcohol or drug abuse, pornography, impulse shopping, overindulgence in trivia, unrealistic goals, interference from inlaws, bad friends and bad acquaintances is a way of showing that you care by trying to protect them from harm or potential harm.


You can nurture or support your loved one by communicating about the things which he or she cares about. You can communicate in person, by phone, by Skype, by texting, and even occasionally by letter.

Ask more questions about what your significant other cares about and learn to LISTEN to what he or she has to say about the topics. Talk more about him or her rather than yourself and when you talk about yourself be short and sweet and to the point.


Share a favorite food and drink with your significant other either at home or in a restaurant.

Share some time together at events which your significant other enjoys. You may not like the same sports or talk shows or TV shows or hobbies or fashion but at least spend a little time getting to know some basic facts about them and you will become more knowledgeable and will be able to talk a little about them when the need arises.

You don’t have to fake interest if you don’t have any but consider it time well invested if you research something you don’t care about but which your significant other may actually like or love much. Caring about what goes on in the “men’s” or “women’s” world if you are of the opposite gender leads to healthier relationships and better understanding of the gender.


Teamwork or having mutual goals in life are important to establish early on in a relationship. If you can’t find mutual goals in life which you both want then end the relationship because it won’t work in the long duration.

If you are married and have offspring then nurture your offspring also and give them of your time and energy. Teach them how to become skilled and knowledgeable in household chores and responsibilities with younger siblings as soon as possible.

This way they can become as independent as soon as possible without the bad effects of overprotection. In effect, teach them how to do almost everything for themselves and teach them all you know that is significant to their lives in the present or future as soon as possible

Team up with your partner and share the responsibility of disciplining and teaching your offspring what you think is valuable in life.

Protect your young offspring from bad adult role models, including bad relatives, and bad friends and teach them the reasons they should be avoided if asked.

For more detailed knowledge about nurturing and protecting or caring read my evergreen book LOVEALL.


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