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Holding a grudge against someone can lead to depression, anxiety, and unnecessary stress. Being offended for too long will take away time for happier moments. Forgive and try to forget behavior which makes you unhappy but is not important enough to waste time and effort trying to correct.

Focusing too much on relatively small and trivial events in your life will take away time which you can use focusing on important things in your life. Stressing out excessively about unimportant things will cause more unhappiness than it is worth.

Comparing yourself with other seemingly more successful social and professional people and feeling inadequate and jealous can cause great unhappiness. Focus on improving yourself and giving others some praise for their achievements and try to learn useful skills from them which you can try to apply to your own life.

Seeking approval from everyone will frequently lead to frustration and disappointment when no approval is forthcoming and cause unhappiness. Do the best that you can but don’t waste mental effort worrying if someone will approve or disapprove of what you did. You will never be able to please everyone that you interact with so why try pleasing everyone.

Making excuses for your mistakes, bad behavior, or failures and not acknowledging your faults will create more unhappiness in the future. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, bad behavior, and failures and don’t try to improve or eliminate them in the future then this is continuing behavior which will lead to more unhappiness.

Refusing to change when it becomes obvious that change is necessary for progress to be made can make you very unhappy. Stubbornness and inability to admit that you can be wrong some of the time will make you unhappy and make you continue to exist in a delusional world of impossible perfection.


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