Decide problems are challenges and not hardships

Approach problems with a “can do” rather than a “can’t do” attitude.

Make the best of what you have

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything but they try to make the best of everything which they have. Being thankful for what you have instead of longing unhappily for what you don’t have. This will increase happiness in your life.

Plan for major goals in your life

Working towards major goals in your life such as a better job or more necessary education will pay off more with happiness when they are reached. Living day to day with unimportant trivial goals in life and not making progress will not create as much happiness in your life.

Emphasize the good qualities in others

Gossiping or dwelling on the bad characteristics of others makes you spend time on unpleasant things and makes you very judgmental. Say nice things about humans unless they are immoral (lie and cheat) and deserve social ostracism. No one is perfect so focus on the good characteristics and not bad ones.

Focus on the present most of the time

Energetically living in the moment will cause more happiness than living in the past or worrying about the future. The greatest happiness comes from actively doing something now rather than thinking or dreaming about the past or future.

Try to wake up at about the same time every day

Not disrupting a circadian rhythm will lead to a happier more predictive and productive life. Being irregular in your sleep habits will make you feel tired and unhappy.

Choose friends wisely

Misery loves company and if most of your friends are also miserable and unhappy you will be trapped in a miserable existence. Try to mostly interact with happy friends who are accomplishing or achieving good things in life and have a generally happy attitude. Avoid deadbeat unhappy humans as much as possible.

Talk less and listen more

Make your communications as short and sweet and to the point as possible. Talk too much and you will bore others and waste your time learning nothing new. Listen more, ask more questions, and learn from other human experiences and knowledge. You will not only be more prized as a friend but you will become socially and mentally smarter.

Nurture close human relationships

Spend more time and energy and money with your closest friends, significant other, and family. You can develop and keep close trusting relationships and get more happiness from them then from just an army of casual friends and acquaintances.

Spend some time thinking or meditating

Taking a few minutes off during the day thinking or meditating will relieve job or family stress and make you better at doing what has to be done.

Eat healthy and exercise

Keeping your body healthy with good food and some exercise about three times a week for 20 minutes will provide the basics of what a healthy mind needs to function properly.

Live simply and efficiently

The less clutter you have around the house and in your life the happier you will be. Fewer material possessions, simpler houses, and smaller cars means less debt in most cases and more money to spend on truly important experiences in your life which will bring more happiness. Bigger is very frequently not better when it comes to happiness because bigger frequently means bigger inefficiency, bigger money, a bigger responsibility, and less happiness for the dollar spent.

Tell the truth

Telling the truth means that you will have more trusting and happier relationships with close friends, significant other, family, and others. Trust is the bond which holds relationships together and without it you will have much more unhappiness enter the relationships.

Become selfmotivated

Being selfmotivated to do things will increase your selfworth and you will feel more in control of your life. You won’t be wasting your time and energy waiting for motivation from others which may never come or come very infrequently.

Recognize that change is not possible for everything

You will be much happier if you can discriminate between what can be changed and what can’t. You can spend much time trying to change things which are not changeable and feel very frustrated and disappointed doing so which can become the source of much unhappiness. Trying to change humans who don’t want to change can lead to great unhappiness. Life isn’t always fair and learning to roll with the punches will lead to a happier life than wasting much time plotting revenge or feeling ripped off.


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