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Human language everywhere is terribly inefficient when compared to animal communications such as those of dolphins and other wild animals. It uses many synonyms which are words which mean the same thing and multiple meanings for words which confuse someone who hasn’t spent days learning the tricky use of the word. Words spelled differently but sounding the same can create confusion for young communicators.

It has antonyms which are not the opposite in meaning but mislead you into thinking they are. Love is not the opposite of hate because there are humans who love to hate and this artificial confusing language paradox is true for almost all the antonyms which exist.

Similes and metaphors are very poor approximations to reality and lead to extreme views of the world. You have a cold heart or a warm one and your love gushes forth like an avalanche. What nonsense.

We have wallowed too long in a yes or no, black or white, for or against, love or hate, never or always, antonym or synonym, yin or yang, good or bad society approach to life when the real answer to questions should be almost all the time, not all the time, some of the time, or infrequently!

There is only humor in society because humans do stupid things and that is primarily because our language is so stupid and silly most of the time. Unfortunately language conveys an inaccurate view of reality which permits extreme beliefs and very emotional attachments to untrue opinions. Life should not be a joke but unfortunately language is a tragic joke on humans who suffer under its oppression and inhumanity.

Language is very verbose and emotional and very illogical. Literary works are pages of inaccurate information and emotional posturing which can frequently be summarized in a few topic sentences. There is no joy of reading except for the brainwashed older generation and it is no wonder that the younger generation prefers texting and with the help of the internet is quickly killing writing as a profession.

Prejudice abounds because all languages are emotionally biased to very provincial attitudes and the huge variety of languages in the world make worldwide communication and agreement among humans even harder to achieve.

Politicians don’t use logic but use emotionally charged words which you love or hate and create fear of the opposing party and create a hatred of humans who disagree with your point of view. Just what we need to lead a nation forward justly- emotionally antagonistic, charged leaders from opposing parties who can’t compromise or agree on anything of importance in society. Flawed illogical emotional language is the primary cause of all the political bullshit which we have to put up with.

Instead of discussing a family or relationship problem with a calm approach a problem frequently causes an argument where feelings are hurt and dissatisfaction and wanting revenge makes circumstances even worse.

Yelling and screaming and even sometimes shouting obscenities at offspring instead of firmly disciplining or discussing the situation is frequently a fact and is a sign of terrible parenting. All thanks to an emotional illogical language!!!!!!

Humans use this inefficient illogical emotional language worldwide and are trapped in a world of trivial inefficient selfish emotional pursuits which pollute the world unnecessarily and threaten biodiversity and so threaten human ultimate long duration survival in the world.

What is the solution to this seemingly uncurable handicap which current EMOTIONAL, mythological, and archaic language has burdened us with?

The solution is my evergreen book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which has unique logical definitions for every word used, has no synonyms, no antonyms, no multiple meanings, and few if any emotional words. It is a largely efficient logical language and my evergreen blogs are an example of its use. Yes, my blogs will not excite you or tantalize you or entertain you but they will supply you with the logical truth about most of the topics which I write about.

If you liked this evergreen blog then read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.