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Destroy biodiversity and you are destroying the balance of nature with its rich gene pool which we may desperately need in the future when our food sources become diseased from too little variety and too much of a dose of pesticides and fungicides and health hazardous GMO food.

Relying on a handful of genetically identical food sources mass produced or grown in great concentrated areas means that if one food source becomes greatly infested with viruses, bacteria, and fungus and begins to die in large quantities then disease followed by starvation for some is a serious consequence. 

Already there are mutating super hardy viruses and bacteria which are resistant to low doses of pesticide and can ravage even “disease” resistant GMO plants. What do you do if you have no genetic replacements for standardized food sources which die out? Disaster!!!!!!

Disease and death of the food supply is a serious realistic concern in the near future and we should do all we can to support a healthy certified varied organic food growing industry. Variety of a healthy food source is insurance against future disease and starvation.

Conserving and expanding the range of healthy wilderness plants and animals is our insurance that we will have continuing healthy food in the future if our over standardized agricultural crops and livestock start failing us.


Honesty, sincerity, and telling the truth or not lying is the bond which creates trust in society and permits nonviolent human interaction without the need for force or the threat of force or tyranny or dictatorship.

Humans lie to their dates and they lie to their offspring and many even lie and eventually cheat on their spouses. The consequences of lying are an inability to form close lasting relationships with people and family members and modern society is plagued with loners with few if any serious friends or relationships and mental problems. Close reliable trusting human interaction in the western world is disintegrating and it is all because of personal lying and deception and lying and deception in society and business.

Politicians are not trusted because they lie or are deceptive in front of the public and do something entirely the opposite in private deals with special interests who get favorable treatment which keeps their inefficiency alive and not subject to a deserved bankruptcy.

Cosmetic companies and weight loss companies and food supplement companies lie about the powers or efficacy of their products.

Public education lies that everyone regardless of financial status has an equal opportunity to succeed in life. The educational bureaucracy lies that you need a college education to succeed in life and over 50% of the graduates can’t find jobs.

The educational bureaucracy lies about intelligence which is just mainly proportional to a good memory. If you have a good memory you can remember trivial facts as well as important facts and remember all the complex rules of an inefficient overly emotional archaic mythological language and remember all the complex principles of varied disciplines. It does not necessarily make you any smarter or give you the ability to logically solve political, economic, social, and science problems using reason. Since intelligence is not the best indicator of a logical mind there are many intelligent people in leadership positions who are not very smart and don’t reason logically.

DON’T LIE!!!!!!

Mythological society using the largely emotional illogical language produces a thousand and one artistic liberal arts trivial pursuits and jobs which inefficiently use up natural resources at an alarming rate and pollute the environment and destroy biodiversity. It promotes a hedonistic society all geared to having fun or being entertained in a thousand and one different ways without nurturing the need for a necessary punctual work ethic and developing a logical factual mind.

Society over promotes concepts of unrealistic beauty and a concept that more and bigger inefficient products are better rather than less and smaller and more efficient is better. Society and humans living in it waste an incredible amount of time and energy doing trivial wasteful things in life which have nothing to do with healthy survival on the face of this earth and in the process destroy biodiversity. An excellent supply of varied healthy certified organic food should be priority number one in society.

The government is overburdened with inefficient tax laws and special interest laws and legislation all creating great paperwork and inefficiency and injustice in society. People lead inefficient lives burdened with credit card debt and inefficient family communications exist thanks to an over emotional inefficient illogical archaic language.

Nature has efficient communications and an efficient just distribution of healthy food and reproductive capacity and human civilization does not.

To promote efficient communications logical SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS will be used as a standard and logical language and thinking will be taught in elementary school and to all those unemployed and destitute.


No one likes to be stolen from. Don’t steal my property, my spouse or my close friends. Don’t steal or tax my money and then use it to fund large inefficient businesses and organizations and an unjust education and welfare system. Government steals and wastes our money to subsidize large inefficient businesses and organizations and makes it almost impossible for new businesses to survive and many humans steal to get back at an unjust system.

The solution to immoral stealing criminals is surveillance cameras almost everywhere. Wouldn’t it be easier to indoctrinate the young impressionable minds that stealing is immoral and start on the road to a more efficient smaller less money hungry massive unjust government bureaucracy.

To eliminate an excuse to steal or the need to steal it is necessary for the government to provide a safety net for the unemployed and destitute with healthy food and basic standardized necessities to be delivered door to door but no transportation vehicle shall be provided. This safety net should be extended to adult graduate students who are unemployed and destitute and have to live on their own free of help from family or friends. Free reeducation on the internet in logical thinking and a technology saturated field should be provided. Upon graduation or any time in between the unemployed and destitute will be solicited by business humans for a job and upon hiring a motor vehicle such as a scooter or mini car will be rented to provide a means to commute to and from a job. The details are outlined in my evergreen book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS.


Irresponsible money management or failure to budget money and no job is a major reason why marriages fail. Next in line is marital adultery which also destroys marriages. The government should ensure that the genetic spouses are financially responsible for their offspring throughout a lifetime even after divorce. If a divorced spouse is out of work for years and has no income then of course the government will have to help the spouse with offspring financially but as soon as an exspouse is employed again some of the income should go towards offspring support and paying back the government for retroactive offspring support.


Murder can be justified in selfdefense against a deadly weapon and it can even be justified in killing a severely handicapped or diseased fetus or a healthy fetus which is not desired due to the heavy financial burden and hardship which it would cause the family.

There should not be a death penalty because that is an eye for an eye or murder of a criminal who can potentially be innocent if it is a frameup which is so easy to do for an immoral person in society with the technological knowhow. Life imprisonment should be the maximum penalty for murder even in great crimes so that no framed criminal is murdered unjustly. Don’t murder criminals.

There are special exceptions to murder or the taking of life but the rule taught to impressionable young minds is-



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