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One psychologist who shall remain nameless wrote that situations, beliefs, expertise, attention, emotions, technology, our bodies, and relationships can make us smarter. I add that it is also true that bad situations, bad beliefs, bad expertise, bad relationships, bad technology, etc. can also make us stupider.

The most important follow up question is what is your definition of smarter and I can add to that what is the definition of stupider. Silence. The psychologist has no clue what smartness or stupidness is. I have a definition for smart and stupid.

Smart: adj. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Stupid: adj. a human having incomplete logical reasoning skills and unsuccessfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

It turns out the the truth is that you don’t get smarter from a situation, a belief, expertise, relationship, etc. but you get smarter by applying logical reasoning skills to a good or bad situation, a good or bad belief, good or bad expertise, etc. If you have logical reasoning skills you will be able to benefit from a good situation and also a bad one because with your logical reasoning ability you will learn from your mistakes or bad situations and improve upon them the next time and become smarter the next time around.

The psychologist has no clue what she is talking about and has little if any useful true knowledge to give or offer you. That is the sad state of psychology today. They don’t define the words that they use accurately and the result is that they rarely can ¬†smartly offer useful advice to the public that makes any sense.

A major psychological discovery is that the brain is the seat of consciousness. Wow, what a discovery. Another way of saying it is that the brain is where you do all your thinking. Is this common sense or a true new discovery which psychology claims? This is just one example of the stupid circumstance which psychology is in and will remain there into the foreseeable future because psychology will never be a science beyond a mere description of a stimulus or stimuli and a response or responses.

Psychology is mostly statistical BS which doesn’t prove anything but is merely answers to questions presented by psychologists. The accuracy of the results is questionable because humans can lie when answering questions and this throws off any psychological questionnaire validity and analysis.

Psychiatry is a similar illogical profession which doesn’t accurately define the buzz words which they use and the result is that you can logically show that everyone is with 90% accuracy a psychopath as a showed in one of my previous blogs not long ago. Misdiagnosis of mental illness is the result and many people who aren’t mentally sick but just need radical behavior modification are put on drugs with bad side effects. This makes the situation worse and the psychiatrists solution is to switch you to another habit forming drug with bad side effects.

The realistic fact is that there are many more bad situations, bad beliefs, bad expertise etc. than good ones surrounding humans on a daily basis and this makes more of them stupider rather than smarter. If you want to make humans smarter you will have a hard uphill struggle because there are very few groups of smart humans with logical reasoning ability who can solve our problems for us.

What is the evidence of bad education, bad politics, bad economics, bad health, etc.?

Over 50% of school graduates can’t find a job,

Political gridlock and stupid and corrupt government laws, mortgage companies, the stock market, and banks causing a housing bubble to burst and plunging government into trillion dollar debts on a yearly basis thus threatening the future economic well being of the nation and world economic system.

Medical costs going through the roof and more and more humans suffering from allergies, diabetes, cancer, misdiagnosed mental illness etc. mostly because of unhealthy food and eating habits. Humans being treated by ineffective drugs with bad side effects that are treated with more ineffective drugs. Many drugs produced with corrupt clinical statistical trial results on them.

I can go on and on how stupid and inappropriate our educational system is for the modern world, how stupid and corrupt government is, how stupid, inefficient, and ineffective our medical system is, and on and on about the generally bad political, social, economic, educational, and even science credibility situation.

Most of society is the stupid and corrupt leading the stupid   or   the blind leading the blind and this circumstance or situation reaches into the predominant leadership ranks. Leaders and followers are both blinded with the use of an archaic, mythological stupidly used language and lack of a secular moral code.

Society as a whole is getting stupider and not smarter because they are brainwashed with a stupid use of the very emotional badly defined language which is not only making them stupider but also making them more immoral because there is not a complete secular moral code being taught to young elementary school students.

Trust and honesty which makes trusting close relationships possible is quickly eroding in society because of an absence of a moral code and humans are behaving stupider and stupider and it is not because they are inherently less intelligent but it is because their educational experience in school and life is substandard and not worthy of imitation.

There is technological hope that truly useful knowledge can be taught over the internet worldwide at the speed of light. Individualized computer learning matched to all learning speeds will eventually bypass most of the bad human influences and vacuous archaic mythological knowledge which is still brainwashing the youth of today with so much bad information and dysfunctional human experiences.

Psychology is a relativistic, situation ethics, almost anything goes group philosophy which is an art and an illogical art at that. Psychology will never be a science based on provable facts but at least it can aspire to become a little more moral and logical in the way that it uses words and writes articles and blogs with them. The words they use in the future should be much more accurately defined and not as generally vague as they are today and hopefully improved word definitions will have more relevance to reality and true human needs in the near future.

Saving psychology from its irrelevance to the human condition would be to have psychologists teach my moral code to all the patients and in this way give people a purpose and meaning in their lives. They would know what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior which is making their lives so dysfunctional. Want to improve your life? Then be or act morally!!!!!!

What is the moral code? Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Most of this code can be called common sense except for the don’t be inefficient rule. This should be the job of all future psychologists showing how inefficiency in your life causes you to waste time, energy, and money on trivial pastimes or habits which you should be changing to more efficient purposeful and enjoyable pastimes and goals. A new era of moral psychology is emerging!!!!!!

Being more efficient can mean living in a smaller home and buying a small efficient car and spending less money on clothes and fashion. Simplify your life, downsize, and don’t make it more expensive or bigger unless it is absolutely essential. Learn to be thrifty with your life and money and save up some to further your education or make that dreamed of trip to one of the seven wonders of the world. Try to buy smaller more efficient quality goods and buy quality food or certified organic food and eat less calories of it.

The list is endless and if you lead a more efficient life you will also be helping to save biodiversity because you will be consuming much less valuable natural resources and not polluting the environment as much. Nature is efficient in the wilderness and doesn’t waste money or energy which is one and the same thing. Try to be as efficient as wildlife in the use of energy or money and nature will thank you for it and you yourself will be leading a more fulfilling and prosperous life. You will have quality in your life and not quantity and this will make you happier in the long duration and more financially solvent.

Bigger and more is frequently more inefficient and more money. Smaller and less is frequently more efficient and less money. Quality is more efficient and low quality quantity is less efficient. We are talking about personal life principles and not manufacturing goods in great quantity.

If you want smart humans in society then start teaching and using the logical language and definitions recommended in my evergreen book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS.

Teach students how to reason logically with a logical language almost free of emotional biases and you will start producing some really smart adults who will start applying reason and start solving our political, social, economic, educational, language, environmental, and scientific problems. There will be much more peace and genuine progress in this world and the wilderness plants and animals will thank you for it by thriving in expanded real estate. This will ensure a long and prosperous future for them and humanity on into the foreseeable future.

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